The United Bank for Africa Plc, has launched a NRN Account for Non Resident Nigerians. This is to help you in savings for investment here in Nigeria.

The requirements simple and straight forward and are listed below:-

  •  2 recent passport photograph.
  • Valid proof of identification (Any of International Passport, Drivers License).
  • Proof of Address (Any of Utility Bill not exceeding last 2 months).
  • Duly completed indemnity form for electronic communication.

To get started and for inquiries, contact:

 Tochukwu Okonkwo, Account Officer, UBA


Step 1: Customer opens UBA website  www.ubagroup.com and clicks on menu  Open a UBA account online

Step 2: Menu takes customer to web link http://www.ubagroup.com/aop.aspx listing all types of account available for customers

Step 3: Customer scrolls down the web page and click on Next to start the account opening application process.

Step 4: Customer selects branch area, account type, name and email address and click on submit

Step 5:  Customer receives automatic email from noreply@ubaplc.com  with a link requesting verification of email address, read & sign off on account opening terms & condition and click on submit (note the email might default to junk/spam mail)

Step 6: Customer continues  process by changing log in password for online account opening, choose a “secret questionand “secret answer”, and save the changes made.

Step 7: Customer updates personal information, contact information, and continue with  e-banking product request options (i.e. debit card, U-Direct, U-Mobile etc).

Step 8. Customer clicks on “continue my application” and reviews correctness of account opening information provided  and clicks on “submit” icon if Ok.

Step 9. Customer gets a notification email informing him/her of the account number with message  requesting him/her (see sample message below) to  print out  reference form fill in the required information and bring the document along  with required KYC documents.


 Dear  ……(customer’s name)

Welcome to the UBA family!

Your NRN (Non Resident Nigerian) Domiciliary Current Account has been successfully opened.

Your new account number is 1012132610

To enjoy the full benefits of your new account, you must fully complete the KYC process.

How do you do that?

Just click on this link, print out and complete the online account enrichment & indemnity forms , and send through courier services with the following documents listed below to your selected UBA business office or to NRN banking centre at UBA house 57, Marina Lagos:

  1. Two passport photographs
  2. Proof of identification (Any of)

   – Drivers license,

   – International passport,

   – Resident permit,

   – Work permit

  1. Proof of source of funds (Any of)

     – Recent payslip,

     – Work ID,

     – Letter of reference from current bankers,

     – Business registration documents if self employed,

     – Admission and registration documents from the school (For students)

    4. Proof of address (Any of)

   – utility bill not exceeding last 2 months

   – last 6 months bank statement

  1. Completed indemnity form

NOTE: Documents above(1-4) must be Notarised by any of the following;

   – Notary Public, 

   – Nigerian Embassy,

   – Customers foreign bank

   – UBA Staff in New York, London, or  France Offices etc.

The address for your selected UBA business office is:


Enjoy full services from UBA

Please visit: http://www.ubagroup.com to find more useful information about UBA.

Remember, we will NEVER ask you to divulge personal information by email. For information regarding online security, please visit: www.ubagroup.com/sc/securitycenter


Step 10: Customer sends the notorised KYC documents listed in 9 above to the selected business office

Step 11: CRO of Business office receive customers documents verifies them according to checklist gets BOMs approval and scan to GSSC for activation of account.

Step 12: Customer is informed via mail/sms that account is now activated and ready for deposit of account opening balance $100, €80 or ₤70 for a domiciliary account or N50,000 or N20,000 for a naira Current or Savings account respectively.

Step 13: Customer  funds account with minimum of N50,000 or N20,000 (equivalents in FCY)  through swift transfer to, NRN Current or NRN Savings account respectively, while NRN Domiciliary is $100, €80 or ₤70 using UBA’s correspondent banks abroad namely;

City Bank New York, United Kingdom (see steps on slide 5)

***Alternatively Cash or Cheque deposit by self while in Nigeria or by relatives into the NRN Current or NRN Savings account  or foreign currency to NRN Domiciliary account in Nigeria is also acceptable. 

Step 14: Customer request for cheque book, Debit Card and Other electronic banking services

Step 15: Customer’s account becomes effective and can now be operated by the customer through cheque, Internet banking or use of ATM Card.


Tochukwu Okonkwo, Account Officer, UBA