Buhari Identified as ‘Brainless’

Buhari Identified as Brainless

 Bilkisu Bint Khaled Al-Fulani, (NIGERIA MOMENT). Kano –

In a Facebook publication, Bilkisu Bint Khaled Al-Fulani, wrote:

“When President Goodluck Ebele Jonathan came, because he was not of our kind my people gave him the name ‘clueless’. Now our own has been elected, he has not even assumed office and the other side of the divide already has a name waiting for him: brainless.

The nightmare we engineered has now come back to haunt us. From clueless to brainless. We are in trouble in this country. Hope we all learn from this mistake and start respecting whomever happens to be our President after General Muhammadu Buhari? I cannot appeal to the Southerners and minorities to respect a President Buhari because we did not respect their own.

Its a sad reality we must all live with. We caused the problem for ourselves. Its a pity. Da abinci mu dafa shi ga Jonathan a yanzu dole mu ci shi” – Bilkisu Bint Khaled Al-Fulani,

Here is the screen shot of the Facebook post in reference:

Brainless Buhari by Bilkisu Bint Khaled Al-Fulani
Brainless Buhari by Bilkisu Bint Khaled Al-Fulani