Dallas Doctor Who Wants Igbos Slaughtered Faces Licensure Revocation Due to Ethics Violation


(Guardian News USA). Houston, TX –

A Nigerian-born Dallas practicing physician, Adeniran Abraham Ariyo may face disciplinary action by Texas Medical Board if tons of protests and petitions by angry Nigerian community worldwide are anything to go by. Dr. Ariyo, a cardiologist affiliated with Dallas Regional Medical Center had posted some comments on twitters in a conversation with an unidentified colleague inciting an attack to the Igbo ethnic group in a fashion similar to the ongoing xenophobic killings in South Africa. Since most of the victims of South Africa’s attacks are Igbos, protesters are worried that Dr. Ariyo comments may incite a similar event in parts of Lagos, and Abuja, where Igbos have been threatened in the past. READ MORE ….

Source: Guardian News USA