Dr. Ariyo Denies Making Hate Speech, That Means The Investigation is Inevitable

Texas Medical Board


Following the public outcry over the hate speech credited to Dr. Ariyo, he issued a statement essentially blaming who he described as  “computer fabricators”. What does computer fabricators mean? Dr. Ariyo is basically blaming every other person or thing other than himself. That is the more reason why investigation of the alleged statement must be done. Texas Medical Board and his local Association of Medical Practitioners in Dallas must find out whether Dr. Ariyo was wrongly accused of wrong doing (hate speech).

Dr Ariyo's Incitement

Nigeria Moment did not find any apology in Dr. Ariyo’s clarification letter, but it found denial. Nigeria Moment believes that Dr. Ariyo can not deny his way out of the mess. He may have realized the gravity of the repercussion of the alleged hate speech. Note that if someone pleads NOT GUILTY in the court of law, it does not mean that the person did not commit the alleged crime. That is why investigations are necessary and in this case inevitable. The investigation is even more important now because it would show whether he was wrongfully accused or not.

Denying that he never made those hateful statements if he did would not solve any problem. Rather it would make it worst. Here are some of the reasons:

(1). There is nothing that is posted on social media that may not be traced and tracked to the very device (smart phone, tablets and other computers) that was used in posting it. Therefore, just claiming that some people wanted to get back at him would not help because it is easy to determine that once his social media accounts are subpoenaed by investigators.

(2). There are at least two other people mentioned on the conversation, one is called Gani Kayode Balogun Jr. and Kayode Olumide Adenugba. They also had smart devices they used to log onto Twitter or Facebook and so their communication can be traced as well. Meanwhile, let us give thanks to Kayode Olumide Adenugba who wrote in the alleged conversation “We’ll continue to jaw jaw with them, not war war”.

(3). Also, note that deleting comments or updates does not mean that the update has been erased from the social media server. This is because the social media host are required preserve those update by law for the purpose of law enforcement and disputes of this nature.

(4). Yoruba solidarity and propaganda on his behalf would not help him but rather it would strength the Igbo people who were the target of the alleged hate comments.

(5). His employers or the hospital where he works may not be able to help him because the last thing any business in USA wants is any employee who would attract unnecessary attention and becomes a distraction to their business. No business wants to engage in controversy that has nothing to do with their services. Therefore, they can easily let him go just to save their hospital business from potential case action law suit.

(6). There are only two things which can SAVE Dr. Ariyo:

(A). He must come out 100% clean and say the truth, the whole truth and nothing but the truth. He must admit his mistakes and state the things he would do to correct them and at the same condemn any form of hate publicly. He must publicly apologize if he made those statements.
(B). The very people who were targeted in the alleged speech. Guess what? The Igbos. Even though the case started on social media, it has now gone beyond social media.It is now both personal and group fight for survival. At least 5,500 people (and still counting) world wide have signed and supported the online the petition and that means that each person has the right to follow through with it.