Ensuring Free and Fair Elections?

Ensuring Free and Fair Elections
(Nigeria Moment) – From the perspective of some folks, “free and fair” election means that the ruling party must lose? First posted on April 30, 2011.

From the perspective of some folks, “free and fair” election means that the ruling party must lose election. Also, before the election they rated JEGA as honest and credible person. After the election, all of a sudden JEGA is now dishonest and rogue. I sense ignorance and double standard from these folks.

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Ndubuisi Victor Ogwuda Where we choose to accept it or not, notwithstanding that the 2011 elections were a departure from the charade of 2007 tagged election – a misnomer, IMHO – instead of selection, there is still a lot of room for improvement in our electoralprocesses. Read Reuben Abati’s article of yesterday for more on this. We are far from where we should be and we can only get there through a conscious effort at reforming key/relevant institutions of state. #mytake. April 30 at 10:49am · Like ·   1 person

Victor Abibo Jr. Even Jesus Christ was tagged with the worst possible epithet, even when he was hanged for everyone. Prof Jega’s done his best. The next guy on the seat should improve on his work. Besides, every Nigerian should imbibe the culture of making the ballot a sacred totem of our democracy. Be the Jega in your own sphere of influence. April 30 at 11:01am · Like ·   1 person

Ndubuisi Victor Ogwuda Good point, Victor. He’s – Prof. A. M. Jega – still got 4 years in his current term and may well have it renewed; so, clearly, he’s still got work to do. Reform-reform-reform should be his mantra, going forward. Good enough, he knows all he needs to know about the shortcomings of our electoral process, having served as a member of the UMYA – God rest his soul – constituted Electoral Reform Committee, ably led by Justice Mohammed Uwais (rtd). April 30 at 11:06am · Like

Habib Shehu Usman ‎@Ukaegbu.. with due respect sir, i think for once this month ur observation is right. April 30 at 11:53am · Like

Emenike Kalu That d last election was better than d previous election does not make it a good election we must reject fraud in all its ramifications,over d yrs elections in the north and western parts of Nigeria has always been better than what is gotten in east and south.in the last presidential election, 1st there was no way Buhari would ave won SE n SS bt also there was no WAY GEJ would have gotten 90% plus in SE and SS bros its n0t possible. April 30 at 12:08pm · Like ·   2 people

Emenike Kalu Any election d opposition won anywhere in Africa is must probably a much beta election than the one preceding it. Because in Africa we don’t ave institutions rather we ave individuals stronger than the state who uses police 2 perpetuate them self in power, that’s why most elections hailed as good in Africa are mostly those dt produced oppositions think of Ghana, kenya, zimbabwe, OGUN ST, OYO ST, why because the opposition don’t control any variable dt can influence outcome. April 30 at 12:29pm · Like ·   1 person

Anagbado Farel It’s a pity, its all about the gross problem of Static Idiosyncracy. A pitiable dismal indeed! April 30 at 12:29pm · Like

Ukaegbu E. Ukaegbu ‎@Habib S. Usman: Thanks. It’s not just this month. As you may have noticed, sometimes when my prediction/observation and or opinion did not favour the opinion or preference of some people they resort to calling me names and insinuations that have no merit. Regardless, whatever, the result shows, I will publish one way or another. Contributors to this blog are the source of my motivation. Some topics may be provocative, which may attract firestorm on the blogersphere, it is all good for democracy, because politicians need to know how everyone really feels in order to serve all the people well. By the way, PDP is hugely indebted to all Nigerians to make their life better. Failure to do that in the next 4 years, PDP will record greater loss, than they did this time around. April 30 at 12:40pm · Like ·   2 people

Unclejoe Nnachi Okoroafor ‎@Habib: Point of correction! You can only be right to say that by your own assessment,this is the only Ukaegbu’s observation you have seen to be right.Ukaegbu has always being rational;most of his political predictions have materialised.But,some people have already conditioned their minds about what they want to hear,when they don’t hear that,anything that is heard is wrong no matter what.Ukaegbu E. Ukaegbu: You can now be enlisted as one of the people that are mostly misunderstood on Face Book.However,be encouraged because to be misunderstood is to be great. POLITICS OF SENTIMENT & POLITICS OF POPULAR OPINION IS RESPONSIBLE FOR MANY NIGERIANS’ POLITICAL FALLACIES. April 30 at 12:50pm · Like

Habib Shehu Usman Well, uncle joe… i think this is ur opinion as well. April 30 at 12:52pm · Like ·   1 person

Unclejoe Nnachi Okoroafor ‎@Habib: Yes,you are right; that is my opinion. April 30 at 12:54pm · Like

Marshal Sampson Yea! you are perfectly right. Obasanjo once said it that even if Jesus conducts an election in Nigeria, people will dispute the result. April 30 at 1:23pm · Like

Marshal Sampson Bring the Holy Prophet Mohammed too the people will follow their greed and uphold their selfish ambition above the truth. Nothing is right until power drunk politicians benefit from them! April 30 at 1:25pm · Like ·   1 person

Temple Ngwoke Habib,do u knw y most people are happy over dis fraudulent election masterminded by jega is that most of u in d north, dnt see anything wrong with any of ur own. its sad that u ar congratulating Ukaegbu nw for making anything out of ths election that was massively manipulated,especially by d pdp.elections in d real sense of it never took place in d pdp south east states,south south and some parts of PDP north.d footage are everywhere.d general attitude of ur political class and sme contemporary youths are questionable when it comes to motives for your votes.i’ve seen young men from d south who voted Buhari out of conviction than mere tribal and religious point of views which unfortunately is most of u guys motive.any character that hesitates to condemn this well orchestrated fraudulent election ought to be examined and placed in d arena of doubt. Mr Okoroafor,ur case is a special one cos ur attitude is such that u are programmed to be a sycophant in ‘amala’kind of way.i just hope that u change because when u retire and ur village inherits u as an elder,any land issue u happen to be part of will definitely go to d highest bidder. April 30 at 2:28pm · Like

Habib Shehu Usman ‎@Temple.. 4 u to say that people in the north are happy with the election means u need to get more informed about how the north sees the election and am sure it is the same thing that made Ukaegbu posted this… we see things differently and am convinced that this election is the freest we’ve had since 1999… am speaking for habib not the north with due respect. April 30 at 2:42pm · Like

Ukaegbu E. Ukaegbu ‎@Mr. Temple: I AM NOT MAKING ANYTHING OUT OF THIS ELECTION. I made several successive predictions months before and during the election cycle and they all turned out to be correct. Here are the examples for your reference (1) I predicted that IBB would not return due to too many political baggage he has. I worked to realize that prediction with my PEN and PAPER and his own people rejected him. (2) I predicted that Atiku will not get the PDP nomination because he presented himself as a regional candidate and because he lost a lot of grounds when he left PDP. Eventually, Atiku failed at the nomination process. (3) I stated that Goodluck was a better candidate among the contestants of two and half men. Eventually, I supported Goodluck’s candidacy and appealed to folks to render their support and vote for Goodluck. I predicted that Goodluck was going to win and finally he won. (4) I predicted that voters will show their dismay on CPC over the post election violence and specifically requested voters to vote any other party other than CPC. Eventually, voters decided to reject CPC in toto, thereby handing CPC the worst electoral defeat in the history of politics in Nigeria. (5) I have appealed to CPC to disband itself and decamp to other parties since there is little or no ideological differences among the parties. If CPC fails to do this, voters will dissolve them by not voting for any CPC candidate in future election. Also, just to let you know in advance, any prominent politician who identifies with CPC concept, I will personally campaign against the politician. Be aware that regardless of how you personally feel about any political party, you must to learn how to read the political game before you can effect the changes you care about. Mere being emotional about the performance of one political party such as PDP is certainly not enough to push the party out of power. April 30 at 2:54pm · Like ·   2 people

Temple Ngwoke Never said people in d north are happy.mind u,i said most people.this is what sme of u usually say but its usually nt hard to figure out ur general motives in voting in an election.however.it is on this page that most of u called Mr ukaegbu all sorts for calling Buhari a tyrant but u ar hailing him now for a fraud laced election that was masterminded by jega,i respect ur opinion on d rating of d just concluded election but I don’t agree with you. April 30 at 2:57pm · Like

Ejieke Onuoha Nigerians r generally bad losers.bt d truth remains dat anyone who GENUINELY feels shortchanged has d right 2 cry foul. Jega has done his best as far as am concerned.d elections weren’t perfect.bt they were a marked departure from d do-or-die exercises of d previous years.bt credit must equally go 2 every Nigerian who upheld d right of d other person 2 make his/her choice!let leave jega out of ds. We may not do beta than he did, if given d opportunity. Nigeria is a very difficult country.we can never have d elections of our dreams until every roadblock 2 credible elections r dismantled.we all know d institutions inhibiting our growth n development as a country.let those making inflammatory comments that elections were rigged in SE N SS in favor of GEJ prove it.i was in those regions in d course of d elections.i can say it here without any equivocation that d ppl in both d SE N SS were(are)96% 4 GEJ.those regions were impenetrable 4 other political parties as far as d presidential elections were concerned.we shold der4 accept d outcome of d elections while praying that d next one wld b an improvement on them. That is if, and only if d roadblocks are finally dismantled b4 then.we need a radical solution 2 d problems hindering our progress as a nation.and it is only a SNC that can do this. Goodluck Nigeria. April 30 at 3:13pm · Like

Temple Ngwoke Mr.Ukaegbu, its funny that u’ve just come out to make very elementary political calculations in d public domain your ‘prediction knew ibb wasn’t going nowhere, we know Atiku will loose d primaries and d reasons y, we didnt need miracle pastors kind of predictions to figure that out.you came out,just like any Nigerian to support an incumbent gej and ask people to vote him.i’m trying to figure out where ur self ascribed political ingenuity was coming from some of us voted buhari on principle and that doesn’t mean,we didn’t know he was gonna be maligned and defeated on d usual platter of deceit.we do.lastly,ur comment abt cpc not voting cpc in d post presidential election is naive and untrue cos all that is visited on cpc members are nothing but state and federal intimidation and harassment which saw yuguda and yakowa emerge as governors.all d assertions u’ve made above are baseless with due respect. I’m not a member of cpc, I’m more leaning towards objectivity than most of u that are more sentimental with ur partisanship. April 30 at 3:30pm · Like

Ukaegbu E. Ukaegbu ‎@Mr. Temple: Just a reminder! 1 out of 36 is the governorship election result for CPC. It is up to you to analyze that kind of result and come up with your conclusion. As for me, this a repudiation of CPC in the area where the party is supposedly strong. By the way, I like to “make very elementary political calculations” and state them before things begin to unfold. April 30 at 6:22pm · Like

Nnanna Okorie An Honest man to me is one who stands on his word . And as long as 60%said that the election was fair than what is used to be JEGA is an Honest man and should be regarded as saint because i don’t know how one will describe Morris Iwu. April 30 at 8:51pm · Like

Temple Ngwoke Mr Ukaegbu,after d job of delivering d presidency to d ruling party was done and d resultant revolt by d youths in d north,there was a clamp down and manhunt for various cpc members in all parts.sme of us saw this as unfair and an attempt by those in power to box d rising profile of cpc to a corner instead of arresting d commissioner of police of d various states where d unfortunate mayhem took place. Can any1 imagine that kaduna, bauchi and jos elections were won by d pdp governors with wide margins?i’m sure and aware that that was nt a true victory and reflection of d majority.On ur predictions,i still insist that they are ridiculous,ur prediction is similar to saying that ‘what goes up must cme dwn’and u turn around to say u were d first or one of d first to say it.Our politics isnt hard to figure out like ur kind of mathematics and sorry if ur passion is politics but my candid advise is that its nt ur thing.Just like u said in one of ur comments that u know or see alot of our politicians each time they visit d u.s.(hope i’m nt mistaken) but what u dnt know is that most of them are products of rigged elections and habitual usurpers or maybe u knw and chose to play it their way.I’m nt going to say anything more about Jega cos things ar still unfolding but i know people who have called ribadu ‘hero and saints’ but cant say that nw. I know people who made a role model out of people whose integrity had nt been put to test in d public like dora but cant say that nw. I’m nt worried abt d number that are dancing to this ‘koko dance’ of shame in our society, they’ve always been around:1million match for abacha,third term,and yaradua-must-rule-from-d-grave-crusaders. May 1 at 3:08am · Like

Unclejoe Nnachi Okoroafor ‎Ukaegbu E. Ukaegbu: Knowing quite well that some comments here are laden with sentiment rather than facts, ignore most of them and go on with you rational comments and political predictions. TO THEM,THE ELECTION WOULD HAVE BEEN FREE AND FAIR, IF BUHARI HAD WON OR IF PDP HAD LOST.I ASK AGAIN,WITH WHICH STRUCTURE WOULD OTHER PARTIES HAVE WON PDP IN THIS JUST CONCLUDED PRESIDENTIAL ELECTION? IF YOU HAVE ENOUGH EVIDENCE THAT THE ELECTION WAS SUFFICIENTLY RIGGED IN FAVOUR OF GOODLUCK, EQUIP THESE PARTIES WITH THESE FACTS,SO THAT THEY CAN GO TO TRIBUNAL OR COURT TO EXPOSE THE FRAUD. Stop all these all necessary guess work.  May 2 at 5:01am · Like

Temple Ngwoke D tribunal will soon come on board.y nt we wait and see d outcome b4 jumping on conclusions?d only structure i can see is d rigging machinery of those in power.d type that t.orji and the elechis employed to claim victory.are sycophants born or made or both?pls d house should help me. May 2 at 5:14am · Like

Unclejoe Nnachi Okoroafor ‎@Temple Ngwoke: You make me laugh a lot with your arguments. Which one is SYCOPHANCY? Whose praise are some people here singing? Perhaps,this understanding could be as a result of the fact that you generously allowed sentiment to take precedence over logic and sound reasoning. Well, let everyone’s understanding of issues here,be to him or her.Thanks! May 2 at 5:35am · Like

Temple Ngwoke Mr okoroafor, i’m glad u responded because I was actually referring to u.d major characteristics of sycophants is that they accuse others of what they are known 4. If there is any1 here that is sentimental,its u. for all I know, since I’ve been reading from u here is that u usually sound like sme1 who is anticipating bread from pdp than focusing on d subject matter objectively. I’m sorry if this is mistaken but that has been my sincerely impression of u since u came on board. May 2 at 6:08am · Like

Unclejoe Nnachi Okoroafor ‎@Temple: This your wrongly fixed impression is responsible for your tragic misconception of issues here. You can only be satisfied if someone comes out and says Temple, you are right, PDP is deadly,bad, dangerous and wicked. My simple argument has been for you to show me any party,judging by their structure and operation that is better than PDP for now.It is not enough to say that PDP is bad,but do you have a promising alternative for it?No,not in this political dispensation,we may get one by 2015 by God’s grace.So,Temple,stop resisting sound reasoning because of your fixed impression and interest. May 2 at 6:31am · Like

Temple Ngwoke I don’t have any interest oga. How can we achieve a better alternative when some of you don’t see anything wrong with d ruling party. I’m not saying that d pdp has to be uprooted but I’d expected u to make ur comments towards d ills of dis government instead of defending them.we are all Nigerians under one government as it is but i’m not impressed by ur patronizing comments for d pdp.Mr Ukaegbu too is coming out very strongly as a pdp apologist and i feel that if u guys are looking for contracts,which isnt a crime frm d government,there ar better ways of going about it. May 2 at 7:22am · Like

Unclejoe Nnachi Okoroafor ‎Ukaegbu E. Ukaegbu: There you go again.It is now axiomatic that you have made up your mind to be misunderstanding simple issues here. Neither Ukaegbu nor I am saying that PDP has no fault.You can’t from our previous comments establish what you are claiming.Our campaign started by projecting Goodluck as the best among the better candidates,we adduced reasons to substantiate this.When the argument shifted to party issue; Ukaegbu and I insisted that if PDP IS BAD,OTHER PARTIES HAVE COME WITH A PROMISE TO BE WORSE BECAUSE OF THEIR ETHNIC POLITICS,VIOLENT POLITICS AND LACK OF INTERNAL DEMOCRACY IN THE SHORTEST TIME THEY HAVE EXISTED.We also argued further,that the issue at hand is more of individual than party issue;because whether it is copyright or not,every party comes up with at least sell-able manifesto; implementation of this manifesto is dependent on individuals.THE PDP THAT PRODUCED SOLUDO, IS THE SAME PDP THAT PRODUCED LAMIDO, THE PDP THAT PRODUCED RIBADU, IS THE SAME PDP THAT PRODUCED WAZIRI, THE PDP THAT PRODUCED EL-RUFAI IS THE SAME PDP THAT PRODUCED ALERO, PDP THAT PRODUCE AKUNYILI OF NAFDAC IS THE SAME PDP THAT PRODUCED THE CURRENT PAUL OF NAFDA ETC.Now,the differences in these people’s performances are there as a result of party manifesto or individual tendencies.Please,be rational, don’t argue because people are arguing in a particular way;be original.You have only be making claims you can hardly substantiate. May 2 at 8:35am · Unlike ·   1 person

Onyeogaziri Samuel ‎@Joe, thank God 4 pple like u though I have known u right from our days in d campus! Analysis without sentiment is where I stand even as a journalist. Ur comment here is gbam! It is clear that other parties have d same problems with PDP & d difference is now on individuals! By the way, it is also true that PDP is d only national party 4 now. Others are tribal e.g ACN, CPC etc. May 3 at 3:04am · Like ·   1 person

Temple Ngwoke National in d sense of using executive powers to rig and impose candidates against d wishes of d people?Maybe,we all have to sit back and say or do nothn until pdp sink us deeper into hopelessness than d military did.video footages of d evils in d just concluded elections are emerging everyday and all guys do is defend and justify y we should be under d cover of a leaking umbrella.When journalists like Dr Reuben Abati is talking about d state of d nation,does it matter what ‘pay as u go’ journalists say? May 3 at 3:29am · Like

Temple Ngwoke It doesnt take any big ingenious act to hire pros that’ll salvage our economy from its present state to an enviable height. did d military nt hire quality guys too?they hired prof. humphrey nwosu that conducted 1993 june 12 elections,they hired chukwumerije, they hired alex akinyele that gave us a robust sporting outings, d jerry ganas, ike nwosu of abia state,marwa in lagos, endless lists. Mr okoroafor, i’m not among d Nigerians with very short memories of our history.dnt hide,where do u and Mr.Ukaegbu stand.Does pdp as it is now, with d disturbing reports of mass rigging, especially in d pdp controlled states capable of uniting us all in ‘principle’ or divide us more by looking for ready accomplices in our various regions to perpetrate their agenda on d people?This question is just 4 u and Mr. Ukaegbu. May 3 at 3:49am · Like

Unclejoe Nnachi Okoroafor ‎@Temple: Your arguments are usually logically inconsistent and organizationally incoherent. Okay,let the issue rest on the angle your understanding has permitted you to accommodate,because your understanding of this issue cannot and will not wipe out the veracity of the points raised [email protected]:You are spot on. May 3 at 5:33am · Like

Temple Ngwoke Mr okoroafor,u haven’t said anything useful.This is typical of career sycophants like u who just open their mouths and speak frm d abundance of selfishness,greed and empty stomach.Unfortunately crumbs frm ur career are nt sustainable but good governance that addresses issues/problems with core professional do.u are exhausted!gdbye! May 3 at 7:09am · Like

Unclejoe Nnachi Okoroafor ‎@Temple: Stop bothering me with all those borrowed terminologies.You don’t use terms because you read them on papers or heard someone using them,but you use them because you know their meanings.How can you prove that you know the actual meanings of those terms you invoked against me,or how can you establish that my comments here betrays me as one that fits into your description? Stop that copy and paste and be original.Little understanding would have delivered you from this fallacy of terminological inexactitude, that has sufficiently embarrassed you and exposed your level. May 4 at 3:56am · Like

Temple Ngwoke Mr okoroafor,u sound like a mischievous lady caught in d act… and all she could do was blab out nothing.there is nothing abt ur profile or ur comments that is interesting.i’ve told u,address issues i raised or back off to ur boring ‘drum beating’ career. May 4 at 5:25am · Like

Unclejoe Nnachi Okoroafor ‎@Temple: It is always expensive arguing with people like you with such pitiable understanding.The most dangerous thing is that the 3rd party won’t understand. Insult is usually an instrument of people like you.How can a person like you beinterested in my comments and profile? You can only be interested in what you can understand. Since you lack natural capacity to understand simple issues,how can you understand a complex being like me? You are right! May 4 at 6:10am · Like

Temple Ngwoke Complex indeed!guess u dnt even knw who u are.u’ve lost it d moment u traded ur conscience….how would u make me understand,when u’ve sunk so deep into sycophancy?i’m sorry i neva meant any insult frm d begining but ur likes deserve to be knockd back to human consciousness.for nw,u act like a robot,programmed to kp beating drums for any government in power. May 4 at 6:48am · Like

Unclejoe Nnachi Okoroafor ‎@Temple: Hahahahahaha! You are an entertainer. How you like this word–SYCOPHANCY.It’s like like you just read it from a book recently.Kai! Temple,you won’t kill me with your little understanding,the word has always been in the dictionary.A sycophant must have a person whose praise he is singing,whose praise am I singing now? People like you who are not up to scratch in understanding are sometimes good to be chanced upon on face book, because they are already made sources of laughter.Such laughter relieves one of stress.Thank you for the relief this afternoon! Hahahahaha! Temple! Whose temple are you? Hahahahaha! May 4 at 7:20am · Like

Temple Ngwoke I told u. u’ve lost it.