“Igbos Do Not Beg: The Governor Obiano and Buhari Story” – Anthony Ogbo

Obiano and Buhari Meets
Anthony Ogbo, (LinkMoment). Houston –
  • APC News Alert and other bloggers have been chastising Governor Obiano, lampooning him for “begging the president-elect to forgive the Igbos.”
  • But asking the president-elect for consideration in constructing a balanced workforce to create opportunities for progress is not begging but a constitutional obligation.
  • There are desperate lobbyists in Nigeria seeking their interests, but they certainly do not represent any tribe nor entity but themselves.
  • And for those who do not know, please be informed that the Igbos did not beg during a civil war when millions were deliberately starved to death by a collaboration of federal forces and hired mercenaries of the west; In the heat of the civil war, when they needed arms, they did not trade their sovereignty for imported arms and mercenaries of the west: they manufactured their weapons. Same period when the federal forces adopted starvation as a war strategy, Igbos did not beg. They did not beg in the post-civil war era when they were economically punished by those who professed “no victor, no vanquish.” Therefore, at this time in the current era – the Igbos will never kneel before any human being in pursuit of fruitless administrative appointments or economic emancipation. 
Anthony Ogbo, is a veteran Writer and Publisher.