Kimberly Ogba Calls On Nigerians To Have a Discussion About Tribalism And Its Impact

Tribalism in Nigeria
Kimberly Ogba, (Nigeria Moment). New York –

Tribalism and racism lives in our hearts. The big question is, how do we slaughter this monster that is fast taking control of our lives. How do we free ourselves from hating one another, I have a dream that one day, an Igbo person, Yoruba, Hausa and other tribes that make up Nigeria, will be judged by the content of THEIR characters and not by their tribal and ethnicity background. Yeah, I have a dream.

I have a message to those towing the tribal line in defending Dr Abraham Ariyo’s alleged bigotry ethnophobic and/or xenophobic utterances against the Igbos. You are not reasoning within the periscope of human intellectualism, rather you are creating a big division among the tribes.

We are the new generation representing all tribes in Nigeria. Let us utilize this moment by having a discussion about tribalism in Nigeria and the impact it has on our people. We are not ONE NIGERIA until this MONSTER. called tribalism is slaughtered.

While the Texas Medical Board are doing their investigation and gathering data on Dr Abraham Ariyo, let me assure you that such alleged utterances would not be accepted.

Anyone threatening to annihilate any tribe in Nigeria must be exposed. Enough Already.


Kimberly Ogba, is the Founder and CEO at Amolu Film Production Company.