Kola nut in Igboland

Kolanut in Igboland


Los Angeles – One of the most important things in the Igbo land is kola nut. The nut is a large seed kernel is highly valued in Igbere community as it is part and parcel of every occasion. These seeds must be opened by a man and with a knife. The symbolic cultural process involves three main steps:
(a) The presentation of the kola,
(b) The breaking of the kola,
(c) The distribution of the kola.
Chief Egeonuigwe Presenting kolanut to Chief Mike Awa
Chief Egeonuigwe Presenting kolanut to Chief Michael Awa
When kola nut is presented, the host hands it to the oldest man among his guests. The oldest man then shows it to everyone present, it gets passed around and each of them records his approval by touching the nut, which is called Kola nut travel. At this point greeting and prayers are said to God and our ancestors. Prayers are usually for life, happiness, good health, children, prosperity and good harvests.In the breaking of a nut, the responsibility falls on either the oldest or youngest male or responsible male adult delegated by the oldest male. After the kola nut is broken, the pieces of kola are distributed to everyone starting from the eldest and then according to descending order of age.
Kola nuts also aid as a natural caffeine stimulant. People will use these nuts to help as a stimulant, anti-depressant, sea sickness and as a diuretic. Not only does this nut help cure hunger and fatigue, but it is also plays a big part for the social life of this tribe. Kola nuts are always offered whether or not a host knew the guests were coming in advance.

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