Nigerians Denounce US Based Cardiologist, Dr. Adeniran Abraham Ariyo Who Called for the Slaughter of Igbos

Kimberly Ogba (Nigeria Moment). New York –

I was really enjoying my time away from Facebook until my friends sent me a whatsapp messages regarding ANOTHER bigotry comment directed at the Igbos. I studied the whole text and discovered that he was sick and was speaking for HIMSELF and not the entire YORUBA tribe.

I have reported him to the proper authorities in America. We don’t play with such nonsense. I will see that his license as a board certified cardiologist is revoked in the State of Texas. I have contacted him at 806-780-8003 and I was told his line is BUSY. Medical doctor are second after God because we put our lives in their hands when we are sick . Dr Adeniran Abraham Ariyo failed that cardinal rule in medicine. In his speech, he said ALL IGBOS SHOULD BE SLAUGHTER AS THEY ARE BEEN SLAUGHTERED IN SOUTH AFRICA. Wow. That is worrisome, and alone might give clues to how many Igbos he has murdered under his care. I am not taking this lying down. You married an oyibo woman, I guess to further your ambition.

Dr Adeniran Abraham  Ariyo was arrested and accused of raping an Igbo girl from Delta State in California in 1996, he beat the rap. But you will never beat this one for calling a genocide on a particular tribe in Nigeria.

First the Oba of Lagos, Oba Akiolu, threatened to drown all the Igbos if they voted for Jimi Agbaje. Second , a local filmmaker, called Afolayan who threatened that all Igbos should die because he accused them of pirating  his home videos. And now this crackhead doctor. The fear of the IGBOs is manifesting in all angles.

Igbo kwenu. The igbo People full ground. We are the Jews of Nigeria. We will continue to be the builders of our great nation, NIGERIA, regardless of what other tribes think or harbored against the Igbo people.

Dr Adeniran Abrahaml Ariyo, you f**king bigot ass is finished. However, you are a disgrace to Nigeria. Your family pictures stays on because when you were planning your evil deeds, did you ever thought of the effects it might have on them? You made your f**king bed, you will ROAST on it.

God bless those who sees evil and condemned it.


Kimberly Ogba, is the Founder and CEO at Amolu Film Production Company.