Out of Texas: 336 Hours in Motherland – Anthony Obi Ogbo


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“It has become necessary to confront realities of the relics of this rich Nation bastardized by brainless despots into political insecurity, economic vagueness, uncontrolled criminality, and communal wretchedness. Knowing Nigeria is one thing; understanding the socio-political structures require a different aptitude.” – Anthony Obi Ogbo

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The author used a 14-day trip as a yardstick, to subject Nigeria, Africa’s most populous country, to a logical scrutiny on psychological constituents of her history, politics, leadership , organizational development and structureOut of Texas 336 Hours in Motherland_cover, and how these concepts correlates her prevailing governance complexities.

Out of Texas analyses the deceitfulness in the composition of Nigeria’s sovereignty, and how leaders ignorantly, and destructively govern a complex culture, politics, and economy and incompatible paradigms.

From the falseness of her union, to an untutored religious zealotry that balkanizes political progress and economic prosperity the author at some point uses humor to thoroughly unravel the psychological relevance of specific policy issues. Knowing Nigeria is one thing, understanding the structure may require aptitudes unraveled in this book.

Out of Texas by Anthony Ogbo: Book Signing
Out of Texas by Anthony Ogbo: Book Signing


Anthony Ogbo, is a Publisher at Guardian News USA, Inc.

Contact: https://www.facebook.com/anthony.ogbo