Prolific Blogger Uwem Inyang Takes a Critical Look at the 2015 Presidential Election and its Aftermath


(Uwem Hernan Inyang). London –

I don’t think I’ve ever seen Nigeria this divided in my lifetime. I must state that the last Presidential elections left a very bitter taste in my mouth. The rigging, the gang-ups, the betrayals, the treachery, the intimidation, the bullying and all. All Progressive Congress’s hierarchy, Muhammadu Buhari and their annoying supporters have made sure that the Nigerian atmosphere is now very toxic. Their classlessness in this phantom “victory” has been quite repulsive. There is not a single class act in the “shows” they’ve been putting up!

Even after such exemplary and rare grace shown by President Goodluck Ebele Jonathan, the lot are still fibbing away with no honour. From the obtuse allegation of GEJ spending N2trillion (do they even know what such money is?) on his re-election bid, to this old uneducated man called Buhari having a dig at Ngozi Okonjo-Iweala on the current standing of the excess crude account.

Does this man even know the difference between the ECA and Foreign Reserves? Does he know why the ECA was formed in the first place? Were the monies given to the Governors not meant for grassroot development? If Buhari had balls as his blind supporters claim, why is he not instead asking what the Governors like Amaechi did with all the money they received? This is why I firmly stand by saying that the rigging and muscling in of Buhari is going to be one big joke.

They have sowed so much bad blood that Nigeria is now at one of its lowest points since the annulment of June 12, 1993. There is absolutely no buzz in the air on the impending change of Government. Rather, there seems to be that aura of apprehension of what to even expect.

Buhari is already giving endless excuses proving what I’ve been saying all along that this man has no clue whatsoever. It was all about power! Nothing else. Many of us are waiting for May 29th, so do not even bother tell us that the office of the President has to suddenly be respected. After desecrating it with venom while GEJ was there, it’s now going to be Buhari’s turn. We wait.


Uwem Inyang is a also a Soccer Analyst