Senator-elect Kashamu Alleges Plans To Abduct And Transport Him to USA On Alleged Drug Offences


Emmanuel Eke, (NIGERIA MOMENT).

Senator elect Chief Kashamu alleges plans by certain highly placed people to abduct him and transport him to the US on alleged drug offences. It be very Shameful for a Nigerian citizen to be unlawfully taken by force jn his own country and transported to the United States. This will amount to kidnapping.

Without going into the merit of Chief Kashamu’s case, it is trite to note here that extradition has a legal process that must be followed before a citizen can be forcefully removed from Nigeria and sent to another country. This process involves an extradition hearing following a request from the country in need of the person’s presence in its country. It is also a process that is rigorously followed and may end up at the supreme Court of Nigeria. Anybody or group of persons that does anything less than this has committed not just the offence of Kidnapping but also questioned the worth of a Nigerian citizenship.

If the United States is in need of Chief Kashamu they must follow the laid down legal process. No doubt the US may not be interested in doing anything unlawful in Nigerian territory because of its diplomatic consequences however once a wanted person is brought within its territory the US court will assume jurisdiction and will not be bothered with how that person came into its territory.

See Manuel Noriega’s case. It therefore behoves the federal government to protect Chief Kashamu’s rights and advise who so ever is interested in this matter to follow due process or forget it forever.


Emmanuel Eke, is an Abuja based attorney.