Two Nigerian Boys of Igbo Extraction Tops the World


EKNigerian Boys of Igbo ExtractionEH: Not only did Harold Ekeh get into every University he applied to, but he got into ALL eight Ivy League schools. That would be Harvard, Yale, Princeton, Columbia, Brown, Penn, Dartmouth and Cornell. Harold Ekeh arrived in the United States from Nigeria at age 8 and spoke very little English.…/long-island-whiz-kid-accepte…/

OKAFOR: Led his team to win the NCAA Basket Ball Championship for Duke University. He is expected to be the number one or two draft NBA lottery pick, which would turn him into instant millionaire. On Monday night, he could not imagine a more special feeling than hoisting an NCAA tournament trophy over his head after a 68-63 victory against Wisconsin.…/ct-wisconsin-duke-ncaa-tour…