Buhari Was ‘Baptized’ At Igbere And Would be ‘Ordained’ in Abuja on May 29 And Then…



Igbere – Buhari received his political baptism at Igbere in 2005 which was witness by political juggernauts across the country, and great people of Igbere and their friends across the world. Come May 29th, 2015, Buhari would be ordained (sworn in) at Abuja as the President and Commander in Chief of Nigeria.

Thereafter a  ‘Daniel Would Come to Judgement.” Nigerians would confront Buhari by “fire by force”, using his own words. No excuses would be tolerated.

Here is a compilation done by Chief Anthony Ogbo, a publisher at International Guardian.

“The first test of leadership is integrity. Therefore, one good way to assist NEW LEADERS would be to joggle their memories over the VOWS they made with their constituents.”, Chief Ogbo says. Here is Buhari in his OWN WORDS.

  • SECURITY: End the insurgency within months. Crush BOKO HARAM in the FIRST ONE WEEK of his administration.
  • ECONOMY: Tackle poverty by closing the wealth gap through shared economic growth.
  • CORRUPTION: Key priorities is to wipe out corruption – with immediate effect.
  • EMPLOYMENT: Payment of N5000.00 to 25 million jobless Nigerians each month.
  • All graduates will be paid comfortable allowances after NYSC, until they are employed.
  • PETROLEUM: Stabilize global oil prices at $100 a barrel.
  • Reduced fuel price to N45 a litre in the FIRST ONE YEAR.
  • One brand new refinery every year; 4 refineries in the first 4 years.
  • No more importation of Petroleum products, in the first one year, as all refineries will be working at 100% full capacity.
  • INFRASTRUCTURE: Complete stalled road projects and improve infrastructural development nationwide, especially in the north-east.
  • EDUCATION: Free education for all Nigerians.

Buhari Promises