Diezani Vs. APC: Buhari’s Vindictive Politics May Backfire With Fire

Madueke Vs. Buhari Media Vendetta

Anthony Ogbo, (NIGERIA MOMENT). Houston –

The era of sacred cows and god fatherism is back – but it is shameful that the Buhari/Tinubu’s campaign who invested millions on vindictive media campaign against families of their rivals would turn around and ban specific media houses for attacking Buhari’s family.

The photos on LEFT of screen are images of Ugonna Madueke, the son of Nigerian Petroleum Minister, Diezani Allison-Madueke, culled from the Premium Times. The APC blogger and propaganda outlet had for years displayed members of this family in the most contemptible format, associating them with fraud and waywardness.

But photos on the RIGHT of scree are images of Nigeria’s “Holy” President-elect, Muhamadu Buhari’s fifth daughter, Zahra Buhari, who lives in the UK, relishing in an all-bills-paid flamboyant lifestyle, coupled with an annual tuition and expenses of more than £30,000 (N8 million). The cost of Zahra’s photo session, coupled with her trademarks – Givenchy python bags, or Versace leather jackets contradicts Buhari’s claims of fiscal civility. A typical Givenchy Pandora Pure Python Bag beautifully structured in premium snakeskin costs about £4,490, while Versace’s leather jacket wears a price tag of about £4,010. So who is fooling who with cleaning corruption?

The truth is that if Buhari does not call his media attack-dogs to order, he may end up opening his long concealed annals of public account embezzlement and fiscal recklessness. Let it be known, that this time around, there are no sacred cows to media scrutiny or propaganda.


Anthony Ogbo, is an Author and Publisher

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