NLC And TUC Vows to Hold Buhari, APC to “3 million jobs a year” pledge

Nigeria Labour Congress Vows to Hold Buhari to 3 million job creation


During the Labour Day rally held in Abuja on Friday May 1, 2015, the Nigeria Labour Congress (NLC), and the Trade Union Congress (TUC), vowed to hold the incoming Muhammadu Buhari-led government accountable in respect of his party’s promises to Nigerians and workers in particular.

The unions made the vow during the yearly rally with theme: “The Working Class, Democratic Consolidation and Economic Revival: Charting the Way to National Rebirth’’.

According to a report filed by News Agency of Nigeria, the NLC President, Ayuba Wabba, urged the incoming administration to revive the Ajaokuta Steel complex, saying the plant was conceived to be the cornerstone of Nigeria’s industrialisation programme. “Unfortunately, our political class has refused to accept the simple truth that no country can truly industrialise without iron and steel industry. The fate of Aladja, Osogbo, Jos and Katsina steel rolling mills post-privatization is too grim to recall here,” Mr. Wabba said.

Mr. Wabba advised the incoming Buhari led government which would be inaugurated on May 29, to view development from the prism of tapping into the abundant economic potential offered by the entrepreneurial drive of Nigerians.

He said that resources were locked up in the soil and that any country “subserviently” reliant on importation, was only exporting jobs.

While urging the president-elect to pay attention to agriculture as it has the capacity to employ millions of Nigerians, Mr. Wabba said the government must also lead the way by making farming attractive to young people through the provision of agricultural inputs, equipment and other relevant infrastructure.

“There is also the need to establish a strong linkage between different sectors of our economy, especially with regard to promoting industrialisation and manufacturing.

“This will focus on turning our agricultural products and other natural resources into quality semi-processed and fully processed goods.’’

On the issue of unemployment, he noted that the incoming administration had promised to create three million jobs yearly.

“Our leadership will take up all levels of government on their commitment to job creation and will not relent till we see tangible results on these scores,” he said.


News Agency of Nigeria