Oshiomhole: To Nigerian Woman “Go and Die” and To Foreign Woman “I Love You”


“You’re A Widow Go & Die” – Governor Adams Oshiomhole Tells A Crying Woman In Benin City, Edo State, Nigeria. The woman was said to be hawking on the street. When the poor woman was caught, she knelt down in front of Governor Oshiomhole pleading and crying for mercy to avoid losing her only means of livelihood. It could not be more heart breaking what Governor Oshiomhole did, venting angrily on the poor woman calling her all sorts of names. WATCH THE VIDEO.

The most heartbreaking statement he made was “You are a widow, go and die” as the woman continued to cry non-stop to find favour in his sight.

Where as, Oshiomhole could not find a place in his heart to pardon the crying widow, he found a place for a foreign woman and tells her I love you.