President-Elect Buhari Dwells So Much On The Challenges Instead of Solutions

Buhari Identified as Brainless

Chidinma Onyejiuwa, (NIGERIA MOMENT).

The President Elect, Gen. Muhammadu Buhari seems to put the cart before the horse always. He dwells so much on the challenges ahead and not the solutions. This is not an attribute of a good leader, folks. From “Do not expect miracle” to “I am becoming the president at the wrong time”.

During the electioneering campaigns, Gen. Buhari promised Nigerians ‘change’ for the business as usual that was obtainable in The country. Even before handover, Buhari seems so scared of the mountain of challenges facing him that he’s not bothering with the virtue of waiting to start work before providing his litany of excuses. He has been telling anyone who cares to listen that Nigeria’s problems are too big, bigger than what he thought so we should not expect the ‘change’ he promised any time soon because.

Let GMB be reminded that Obama became the president of America during the 2008 world economic melt down which saw the U.S. economy at its lowest ebb when compared to other world economies, yet Obama turned that economy around today.

For an example, Obama went into govt with plans to turn there economy around. He did his homework and came to the conclusion that reducing the cost of the energy and sourcing it locally and cheaply will enhance and provide employments for millions of Americans. Buhari is still coming to terms with winning the elections ,He his not ready. What they have in APC is only a propanganda machine wth little or zero blueprint of plans for the problems affecting Nigeria

No excuses shall be entertained by Nigerians. Good enough, GEJ has laid a good foundation on nation building, infrastructure and economic. GMB may wanna take it from there if at all he has what it takes to be a head of state and government.


Chidinma Onyejiuwa