RUSH: Socio-Environmental Effect On People – Emmanuel Kalu


Emmanuel Kalu, (NIGERIA MOMENT). Aba –

Have you ever sat down and ruminated about ‘rush’. Have you considered its advantages and disadvantages, its good and bad, as well as the socio environmental effect on people? If you have then I know beyond reasonable doubt that you should be thinking it an ill in the society.

Notwithstanding that some accidents that occur on the highways, major and minor roads and our poor streets are caused by miscellaneous factors but  90% of these accidents are caused by ‘rush’. A pedestrian rushing across the road in other to meet up with an appointment and doesn’t take his/her safety precautions is hit down by an on coming vehicle, there is every tendency that the appointment is missed already. A student cyclist rushing to school because he knows he is 20 minutes late to his WAEC examination runs into a lorry and through the skin of his teeth escapes death, do you think that the punishment or failure he was avoiding would have been half as grave as what he will go through? A bus driver rushing to go for another trip before the days runs out and ends up ending his life and that of his current passengers do you think that those other passengers waiting at the other end will due to that accident not go for their journey anymore?

Road accidents are not the only aftermath of rush, domestic ones also are. Many houses get burnt down because someone is in a hurry to leave and forgets putting off his or her cooker. Someone chops a finger totally off because he is in a hurry to cook, eat and go for lectures immediately. But after the accident i don’t think the lecture would still be attended.

Looking at this topic objectively, accidents aren’t the only end junction of rush. I think that the most dangerous delay method is the afore mentioned four letter words. While rushing someone might forget important things with which at that moment he or she can’t do without. Someone who thinks he/she is getting late for a flight rushes through his dressing and jumps into a cab after about 20 minutes speed drive to the airport he notices to his utter dismay that he had taken the wrong briefcase and left the one containing his papers and money and suddenly it is announced that due to some factors that the scheduled flight has just been delayed for another 10 minutes.

In the incident even if the flight were to be delayed for another 30 minutes there is no way he can still catch up with it. What if he had taken 3 minutes out of his time to check the case he was carrying before rushing out with it, maybe he wouldn’t have been in such a dilemma. A man who receives a phone call that his son is in hospital due to a fatal accident while rushing down collides with another car coming from an opposite direction, even if the accident isn’t fatal do you think he would get to the hospital an hour after his speculated time.

Also rushing affects not only our socio-environmental activities but we feel the effects psychologically too. Those people who were caught up in accidents accidents, missed their flights, they are not only going through physical pains but also psychological one too. They are wishing for a time re-winder but that is totally impossible.

Just talking about the aftermath of rush isn’t enough, avoiding it is very important and there are three major ways to avoid rush. Waking time is very important. Try to wake up at least two to three hours before your first schedule for the day, that will help you go through your chores, cleaning and eating and still give you ample time to get yourself prepared for your daily activities. Knowing your schedule for the day is an important anti-rush factor. Be time conscious and know what you need to do after doing what you are currently doing.

Lastly this point seems to be the most important. When you are called for emergency or notice that you are already late or near to late in that no rush will make you appear for your activity on time, I think that is the time one needs to calm down and finish his duty, cautiously lock your doors and drive slowly to wherever you are going to because without your knowing it, you are more absent minded than you think you are then because you are thinking of what will happen when u arrive at your destination (and this is exactly what you shouldn’t do. ‘Free your mind’) so late on a non-controllable speed you might forget the keys to your office, to lock your doors or maybe to look right before turning right and imagine the disaster in seeing that you forgot your office keys on reaching, seeing that your belongings were stolen because you forgot to lock your doors before leaving or not reaching your destination due to a fatal accident that occurred on your way coming while you where thinking and driving or due to your over speeding to meet up.

It will be great to note that It is better to be late than late. An occurrence can never be re-winded even by a milli second. It is rush that brings about rush hour and during rush hour you will see that the reason for your rush has been rusticated. ‘I would have waited’ is a word of regret and it is better not to get involved than regretting getting involved. Try to avoid rush in any way u can.


Emmanuel Ukaegbu Kalu