The Term ‘Unemployment’ – Emmanuel Kalu


Emmanuel Kalu, (NIGERIA MOMENT), Aba –

Unemployment! Unemployment! The indomitable tyrant of our time, the dread and enemy of many. The killer of most dreams, an awful potter. The father of poverty, and the destroyer. Producer of willing lazy men and women, the cause of our woes and the aftermath of shame.

Unemployment has eaten deep into the lives of many; it has changed men from hopeful to hopeless, rich to poor and poor to wretched. A vampire of life, the cause of death.

Unemployment has caused much trouble to men, unemployment has made certificate clad graduates shrink back to their faith of nothingness. Unemployment has turned our desperate women to whores and strumpets, some in the quest for a job and others as sole proprietors in the business of ‘body auctioning’, I weep.

Unemployment has increased the level of societal low class to and easy 70% lead over the middle and high class. Unemployment has frustrated the life out of the weaker ones. This term should not be but it is, it should be quenched but it grows stronger every day.

An uncomfortable job is not the end of  life but just the beginning. Who knows, it might be the stepping stone to where you never expected to get to. Women should know that ‘an ‘ass’ gotten job is maintained with the ‘ass’ but a certificate gotten job needs just your brain to maintain’. For the men it would also be good to know that ‘the easiest way to death is the fastest way to make money’. Our dignity is more important than the rank we lust for. Dirty money is squandered in a haste but money gotten through good means lasts longer.

‘Personal defeat’ is the only possible solution to it. ‘personal defeat’ is winning yourself over to your inner self, it is determination to leave pursuing (the not yet available) where you should be to a where you can be, the power to defeat self shame and shame from thinking about peers and friends opinion, the gut to take up a decent paying job, although not at all pleasant. The zest to survive. Personal defeat is an unemployment coping factor, a ‘stoop to conquer’ technique, it aids in condescending low to feed from where you shouldn’t have fed. It leads to hardwork and surely to success.

Emmanuel Ukaegbu Kalu