What The Popes Do


Emmanuel Eke, (NIGERIA MOMENT).

Abuja – In the 80’s it is noted that Pope John Paul II, played a vital role in bringing down communism which in turn led to the unification of East and West Germany. The end of communism in Europe also ended the cold war and brought the world nearer to peaceful coexistence.

Today, we are living witnesses to the role of Pope Francis in re-uniting America and it’s long time foe, Cuba, since the Bay of Pig affair, ( failed invasion) of Cuba by elements with covert support of America. Since then US and Cuba severed diplomatic relationship for more than 50 years.

Today another Pope has played a role in bringing together these sworn foes. Cuban President Castro has just completed his state visit to the Vatican in what may be called a thank you tour. And the first by a communist Cuban leader. Popes are indeed made of different stuff. The things they do are different!


Emmanuel Nonye Eke