Are The Buhari Orchestra Out Of Tunes?

Anthony Ogbo, (NIGERIA MOMENT).
For desperate masses waiting on an acclaimed change-leader and those who bejeweled him into his current executive predicament, the landscape is getting complicated.
WHILE the system is on a standstill under a disorganized rookie-regime, the APC social media ensemble, running out of Buhari praise -worship songs are busy comparing Buhari and Jonathan’s cars, use of presidential jets, Buhari’s choice of transportation, and apparently his suya flavor.
For clarity, Nigeria is Africa’s most populous country, running a large government, and making multiple overseas trips for major diplomatic engagements.
THEREFORE, it is cheaper to maintain in-house official jets than to shuttle different airports for British Airways Tickets. Presidential jets are accorded executive protection at every airport.
HENCE, putting a Nigerian president in Delta, and Sosoliso transport planes is not a show of modesty; it is the height of imbecility.
As a matter of urgency, the masses are waiting for their new president to at least acquaint them with his plans to proceed. They want to hear about the machinery to translate electoral promises into action, not about limousines, and jets.
In a government structure where the PRESIDENT cannot communicate, cannot relate, and worse, cannot corroborate his own policies, there is every reason to worry. It is torturing that under the current regime, citizens have to rely on repentant party bloggers to know the fate of their current economic woes.
Anthony Ogbo, is an author and publisher.