Buhari Administration’s Promise to Pay Poor Nigerians N5,000 Monthly Has Been Identified As Fraud


Nigerians are reacting to the Buhari Administration’s weekend declaration that there are ongoing plans to implement one of its campaign promises that it will pay N5000 each to the poorest Nigerians across the country.

According to Vice President Yemi Osinbajo the government is “currently evaluating the best ways to collapse existing cash transfer and social welfare schemes to ensure consistency and alignment. Once this is completed, we will implement the first phase of this program, using recognized identification platforms and transparent payment solutions”, Osinbajo added.

Uwem Hernan Inyang’s Reaction:

One of the enlightened bloggers and social critic Uwem Hernan Inyang sees this as a “fraud”.

“Well, it’s a fraud,” he answered to a request for thoughts on this issue.

“It’s a fraud because there’s no deep thinking or indices or analysis to it. It was a “selling point” that never looked at economic indexes, capabilities and realities. It was an advert to buy votes. Seriously, in an economy like ours that currently isn’t in the best of shapes due to the sharp oil price falls, this is not sustainable.” Uwem continues. 

“It’s not even possible. It will chew N1.5 trillon annually and that’s a whooping amount. Moreover, just as it’s done in the UK, you have to match this with job centers, job programmes et al. That is needed in at least every Local Government in Nigeria. There are 774 as it stands, so how is all this possible in the real world?”

“How are they even going to determine who is poor, who is unemployed and who needs this little cash? This all emanates from that party called APC.” he asked,

According to Uwem, “Truth is, that’s why they ran away from debating and Q & A sessions. They put out so much unreal stuff out there and they knew they could never defend them in a proper grill. Hope? They said they are bringing “change”. They have suddenly changed to “patience”. Don’t trust them.”

Moreover, Uwem noted that Nigeria currently does not have social security number system which is a unique identifying factor. and one of the databases may be used to identify citizens and residents of the country and also what might be their economic status at even point in time. How would they (Buhari’s Administration) even monitor the whole thing? How computer literate are we to checkmate any fraud in this fraud? This is the problem with hype and disguised falsehood.