Politics and Reality: Buhari’s Statement on Boko Haram

Emmanuel Eke, (NIGERIA MOMENT).

During the recent (2015) presidential campaigns, the then candidate Buhari mocked President Jonathan led federal government for seeking cooperation from the neighbouring  countries to crush Boko Haram.

According to Buhari, Nigerian army had in the past crushed Maitasine (Islamic sect and terrorist group) and helped other countries to do same and now other countries are helping the big brother to do that.

But today the President Buhari has faced the reality on the ground in finding it necessary to do what the Goodluck Ebele Jonathan’s  government was doing. Reality situations are quite different from campaign rhetoric.

Buhari Meets Niger President
Buhari Meets Niger President

It would be recalled that the former Minister of Federal Capital Territory, El Rufai said quote: “”Boko Haram: Jonathan Visits Chadian President Idris Deby for the Second Time in Two Months to plan more attacks”

Also, Buhari added that “Neighbours Fighting Boko Haram for Nigeria is a disgrace.”


Emmanuel Nonye Eke , an Abuja based attorney contributed to this article.