Sahara Reporters Busted For Forgery And Posting Fake British Passport Which They Claimed Belongs To Senate President Saraki


Just after Sahara Reporters posted a copy of British passport on Facebook which they claimed belongs to Senate President Saraki, smart fellows took a critical look at the passport and discovered a lot of flaws. Then they sought and found a real British passport and used it for comparison and then confirmed that what Sahara Reporters produced was fake. Here are some of the evidence:

  1. REAL Passport: The Issue Month and Expiration Month is always the same.
  2. Sahara Reporters added extra month on the FAKE passport which they claimed belongs to Saraki.
  3. Sahara Reporters spelled Saraki’s first name as “OLYBUKOLA” instead of OLUBUKOLA.
  4. Sahara Reporters posted the alleged FAKE passport in Black and White in order to avoid verifying the watermark found in every passport.
  5. And they even wrote UKPA instead of UKBA.

Meanwhile, Sahara Reporter posted on Twitter that he said Saraki’s passport has been removed by Facebook with a threat that Facebook may unpublish their fanpage (see screenshot).

Sahara Reporters Twitter message