Shameless Buhari Sought Help From Neighbours After Saying That It Is A Big Shame Neighbours Help Nigeria Fight Boko Haram


After the then candidate Buhari shamed Nigeria’s military and Jonathan’s government for collaborating with neighbouring countries (Chad, Niger, and Cameroon) to fight Boko Haram; now President Buhari shamelessly visited the same countries to seek help in fighting Boko Haram. Watch Video.

Here is the transcript of Buhari’s campaign speech where he shamed Nigeria military:

Now you have heard all those substantial fact of Northeast until Chad, Niger and Cameroon was coming to help Nigeria to get Boko Haram. This is a big shame to Nigeria military which I know very well, from Bama to Zaria to Liberia to Sierra Leone to Dafu. Nigeria military and reputation or competence, but Nigeria military could not guard Nigeria or save Nigeria from 14 local government until other countries come and help us. So, in this 16 years, I speak in this basis, serious told you the PDP has destroyed Nigeria.