SHOCKING: “Poor” Nigeria First Lady Aisha Buhari Wears US$50,000 Watch to Inauguration


Abuja – Nigerians, take a closer look at the wrist watch which the so called poor First Lady Aisha Buhari wore to the inauguration ceremony of her husband Muhammadu Buhari. The watch cost US$50,000.00. Recall that this is suppose to be the wife of the so called modest, retired poor man who claimed not to be corrupt and who said he had 100 – 150 cows and can’t afford to pay for his presidential nomination form. This is the same person who calle on poor Nigerians to donate to his campaign for president.

Aisha's Buhari's $50,000 Watch
Wale Smith puts it this way: “First Lady Aisha Buhari’s Inauguration Wristwatch Cost £34,500 (N10,453,000). Investigations by Breaking Times on Monday revealed that Aisha Buhari, wife of the President of Nigeria wore a Cartier Baignoire Folle 18-Carat White Gold Diamond Ladies Watch that cost £34,500 to President Muhammadu Buhari’s inauguration on Friday, May 29 2015.

The equivalent of this at the current Central Bank of Nigeria (CBN) foreign exchange rate of N303 to £1 is N10, 453, 000 (Ten Million, Four Hundred and Fifty Three Thousand Naira).

This shocking extravagance by Mrs. Buhari runs contrary to earlier indications that the Buharis are modest and the President, a pastoral farmer with 150 cows, barely raised the money to pay for his presidential nomination form.

Dear Nigerians, behold your change.”