Yoruba Tribal Scumbags Mounts Anti-Igbo Protest And Supporting Dr. Ariro In Dallas


A Dallas-based cardiologist, Dr. Adeniran Abraham Ariyo, who is a Yoruba native has organized anti-Igbo protest using some of his Yoruba scumbags and about four ladies (who might be the relatives of his wife). It would be recalled that Dr. Ariyo was quoted to have made anti-Igbo hateful comments which eventually resulted in protests and petitions against him by reasonable Nigerians.

Dr. Ariyo wrote in a social media conversation quote:
“>> All that is about to change. You see they are being slaughtered in South Africa, that is what is going to happen to them in Lagos.
>> When are they not going to be slaughtered in Abuja when they keep insulting Abuja natives and want to take over? It is like everywhere they go. God might have put a curse in them.
>> We will continue to bus them to Onitsha, otherwise look for war with them soon.”

Thereafter, Nigerians across the world signed a petition on CHANGE.org calling on the Texas Medical Board to investigate him since some of his patients might be Igbos whom he hated.