Fighting Sub Saharan Africa Energy Poverty Using Free Market Principles & FITs



FORWARD – By Cade Adams Agbugba

A successful defeat of energy poverty in Sub Saharan Africa, MUST be replaced with eco-civilization. One, in which citizens are consumers and energy farmers and uses energy in a smart manner that will strikes a good balance between economic development, job creation and a sustainable relationship between Sub Saharan Africa and nature.

As strange as it may sound, sub Saharan Africa has the awesome chance to leapfrog into 21st century eco-civilization, by stop investing and retrofitting her aging, ineffective utility grid systems. With extreme transmission and distribution losses , and rather start investing and focusing on distributed grid architecture/ microgrids, at community scale – “utility distribution microgrids (UDMs)” . That will catapult the region into pole position, on how future energy will be generated, distributed and
utilized in a balanced relationship with economic growth and nature.

The scenarios used in this design to address sub Saharan Africa energy poverty is bereft of subsidies and is completely paid for and scored with Feed in Tariffs (FITs,) mechanism and our designed , Green Roof Credit (GRC).