Bishop Matthew Hassan Kukah’s Interview with Channel TV – Greg Abolo


Powerful interview that was. The Bishop has never ceased to amaze me with his sheer intellect.

His key points are:

By Buhari’s body language, nobody would want to approach him with that kind of request not to probe Jonathan, if he is intent on doing that. Jonathan himself is not afraid of any probe. But do it within the bounds of the law.

Public lynching of Jonathan in the media is wrong. So far, there are no cases on the table against Jonathan. The Vice President who is an erudite professor of law himself cannot lend himself to any illegality. Media lynching of Jonathan or probes cannot be a substitute for governance. Let the APC led government prove itself by governing.


Let’s keep our eyes on the ball. Jonathan made a personal sacrifice in his concession phone call, something unprecedented in our recent history. He went against the grain of the PDP board of governors who were not happy with that decision.

See what just happened in Burundi and had also happened in Cote d’Ivoire as well as Rwanda, has shown that when a leader puts his personal interest first before national interest , citizens burn, and if not for Jonathan’s sacrifice, we do not know where we would be today. We need peace first before we can make progress.

20 years after Abacha, we are still talking about his loot not yet here. Even if we recover it all, how do we guarantee what would become of it?

Today, the media is lynching Jonathan. Tomorrow it could be the turn of Buhari, when he leaves power. Or it could be anybody.

I’m happy to have watched the interview.


Greg Abolo