Make I Curse Igbos Small – Ena Ofugara


Former President Goodluck Ebele Jonathan did a lot of projects including ongoing Kaduna – Abuja rail. He did the dams and many are under construction in Niger state. There is a long bridge being built in Benue. Which of them have been reviewed? Which of them did they complain of the pricing and financing.

But this one bridge that will replace or augment the old one of donkey years, that is the only project Buhari wants to stop and you are behind your phone either quiet or defending him?

No. I am not talking to the vibrant ones who have seen the BIGOT coming a mile off. I am not talking those who speak up and speak up still ensuring the imbalance is heard by the G7 and America and CNN that they love to run to.

I am talking of the ones who open their mouth in shameless suicidal defense of this breach of the constitution and brazen crass evil misusing of the third tribe from the nation and its governance.

Now again, if he cannot even reward one of you with an appointment, is it roads you will find done by him?

For people who say it is because IGBOS didn’t vote him, who voted him into Petroleum Trust Fund and can anyone take a picture of a project he did in Igbo land?

They are trying to stop a project IGBOS stand to benefit from while keeping all of the ones in their areas going and one mumu (stupid) Emeka or Nnamdi or Ndidi will come and talk rubbish about “One Nigeria” and competence.

TELL THEM TO CANCEL ALL JONATHAN’S PROJECTS OR LEAVE THE BRIDGE TO GO ON. If they are money one the bridge, they ate money on the rails trains and dams. CANCEL ALL OR LEAVE ALL.