Samsung Will Give iPhone Owners A New Galaxy Phone To Try For $1


Love your iPhone? Samsung thinks it can change that.

The Korean electronics company on Friday introduced a program called the “Ultimate Test Drive,” which will allow iPhone users — and only iPhone users — to rent a new Samsung smartphone for a period of 30 days. The program is basically free: You only need to pay a single dollar.

If you navigate to on your iPhone, you’ll be able to choose from the Galaxy S6 Edge, Galaxy S6 Edge+ and Samsung Galaxy Note 5.

Existing Android users who want to try a new device are out of luck, though the logic is pretty easy to understand: If you’re on Android and wanted a Samsung device, there’s a good chance you’d have one already. But iPhone users who are accustomed to an entirely different operating system might find that they enjoy the dark magic of Google’s rival software — especially running on Samsung’s kind-of-like-an-iPhone handsets.

Samsung and Apple have long been bitter rivals. Recently, they squared off in a patent dispute over certain phone and tablet models. And they continue to vie for relevancy in a China’s slowing economy — while Samsung sales have plummeted by 49 percent in the country, a critical marketplace, Apple’s have actually increased by 68 percent.


Culled From Huffingtonpost