Switching Lanes: By Paul Uche – Nd Uche

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A young basketball player makes a move that shocks his coach and fellow players. An ornery, independent old man struggles to escape the confines of a nursing home. In a school dormitory, a group of bullied boys plan a revolution against their older oppressors. A devoted musician watches his band disintegrate under the pressures of “real life.”

These stories and more are the work of Paul Uche, a talented young author taken from the world too soon. Paul’s tight control of language, his crisp, incisive thinking, and his playful use of even the simplest words result in extraordinary tales of what would otherwise be ordinary life experiences.

Ordinary everyday events become exceptional under Paul’s skillful guidance, offering something to every reader—regardless of their social status, race, or gender. These are tales that linger in one’s memory, tempting the audience to return and discover new subtleties of emotion with each reading.

Trapped in Paul’s insightful tales are moments that stir the soul to laughter and tears.

Switching Lanes and Other Stories is more than a collection of short stories by a talented author—it is a compilation of the human spirit in all its myriad moods.


PRINTED VERSION IS AVAILABLE NOW, DIRECTLY FROM THE PAUL UCHE MEMORIAL FOUNDATION (We highly recommend this option, especially if you need a signed copy. Bernie’s signature will be as good as Paul’s. They were that close.)


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All proceeds go to the Paul Uche Memorial Foundation to support the work already underway, helping the cause of quality healthcare and education in the underserved segments of our communities. But the book itself is not a fundraising tool – just something to enjoy. The author never had fundraising in mind: he was simply expending creative energy. So the book stands on its own, as a worthy addition to the sweep of literature. It is expected to do well, and in doing so, support what the author believed in: using talent to connect and to help.

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Remember: you can preview the book at Amazon (actually read several pages) before you buy. No hype.

May God bless you as you enjoy this lovingly crafted work.

Note: Major book events are planned for Nigeria (Igbere and Abuja), Sultanate of Oman (Muscat), Canada (Toronto) and USA (Boston). Details and dates later.


Source: Nd Uche