“NIGERIA: Buhari’s 100 Days Of Horror” – Anthony Ogbo

Africa’s most populous country plunged in autocracy and unsophisticated vagueness

■ A hundred days or not, the troubling issue is that President Buhari’s accomplishments so far has been a horrendous nightmare. In an authoritarian manner, constitutional measures are swiftly dwindling into unrestrained anarchy, leaving Nigeria with a leader confused about governance, and at the worst, waterlogged by the demands of a transformation process he professed.

■ Regrettably, on security Buhari had quickly replaced the service chiefs; moved Nigeria’s defense command unit to Maiduguri, claiming the idea was to ease up a counter strategy against the terror group. But critics differ, accusing him of conferring greater political power opportunities to his Northern cronies, and restructuring the military system to protect that structure.

■ To further frustrate a global support of a fight against Boko Haram, the Buhari regime was scandalously exposed for secretly granting an entry visa to a fleeing ‘ISIS Emir’, and a Lebanese fugitive, Ahmad al-Assir who was later arrested.

■ In less than a hundred days, Buhari has thrown the country’s economy into harm’s way, singlehandedly presiding changes that signals a fiscal doom. He had enforced a mass worker retrenchment, sending close to 100, 000 out of jobs. He had banned the worker-recruitment at the federal level, raised interest rates, and unconstitutionally halted capital development projects. Without an official protocol, President Buhari had dictatorially suspended ongoing upgrade of Calabar/Onne seaports, ordered a slash in federal allocation to states, and canceled second Niger bridge project, attributing his action to one single phrase, “War against corruption.”

■ Just like his handle of the economy and matters of security, the regime’s vows to tackle corruption remain another shocking blow. In sheer irony, Buhari personally has been caught up reconciling issues of fraud directly involving his interests. For instance, the immediate former governor of the oil rich Rivers State, Chibuike Rotimi Amaechi is facing accusations of funding Buhari’s Campaign with stolen state funds amounting to more than 70 billion Naira. Allegedly, Amaechi fraudulently sold state-owned power plants and made mistrustful transfers of $105 million (N21, 000,000,000) from the Power Asset Sale Proceeds Account to accounts owned by private companies.
■ Consequently, the General was alleged to have personally pleaded with the former President and one of the targets of his proposed probe, Chief Olusegun Obasanjo who vowed to release a dossier of documents linking him (Buhari), his wife, daughter, and key allies to major fraud related to various affairs of the government.

■ The regime’s major damage remains Buhari’s total disconnection with both his subordinates in the government, party colleagues, and the masses. In his signature tyrannical fashion, Buhari has remained the only arm of the system, whereas his supporters chokingly struggle in the social media to defend the vagueness of his stewardship. Shamelessly, the Sai-Buhari profile-glorification jingle has totally expired in obscurity, leaving his media handlers redundant and clueless about a woeful defense of mediocrity.

By Anthony Ogbo

Culled From Guardian News USA.