Okija Association UK Holds 2015 Convention In London


The Women Wing of Okija United Kingdom exhibiting the Okija cultural  dance during the Inauguration and Award night event held at SELBY CENTRE NW LONDON on 5th September 2015.

The event was to project Okija town and Okija UK association to the world, about our association and our willingness to partner with any group with the same vision for the good of our people.

To bring our kids (here in UK) together to identify with who they and their background.

To also bring home the ‘think home’ philosophy both to the kids and adults.

Lastly, ‘awards’ was given out to our sons, daughters and wives of Okija heritage that has done great things to effect positive changes and development both to our people and town.

The Women’s Dance symbolizes togetherness, love, fitness and celebration of who we are and our heritage/tradition that we are proud of.