On NIMASA, Immigration and Customs With Respect to Buhari Administration – Ena Ofugara


That Buhari has cancelled the employment of about 2000 immigration employment, even after they had gone through training and use of guns, is a first and it is settled.

Also, that NIMASA (Nigeria Maritime And Safety Agency) have begun sacking of its staff, is also settled.

Now here are a few things you did not know:

1. The reason you do not see Mohammed Isa hustling beside Yemisi and Uche and Eghosa and Onome in Europe and America and in snow often is not because they are scared of snow or that they like to live with their families as Maryam Bello once had us believe in this page. NO. Hausa-Fulani especially Fulanis are by nature nomads. THEY MOVE. It is not because they are lazy. Far from it. The Hausa Fualni are a hard-working lot. They farm, they walk miles, live under the moonlight and under rain and whatever the weather throws at hem, they ward off thieves with their guns and bows and arrow and daggers. In fact, they are an amazing admirable people when considering their history of survival. THEY DO NOT GO TO EUROPE MUCH BECAUSE THE MINUTE THEY ARE EDUCATED, THESE CIVIL SERVICE, MILITARY AND PARAMILITARY POSITIONS ARE OPEN TO THEM.

2. NIMASA. hmmm. I tell you today that YOU CANNOT GET EMPLOYMENT IN NIMASA. NIMASA is like a lawyer telling you he does only maritime cases. You already know he is extremely wealthy. You know why? BECAUSE HE OR SHE IS DEALING WITH MONEYED VESSELS OFTEN LADEN WITH GOODS. Imagine ‘egunje” (bribe) from ships that cost millions of dollars. Imagine what amount you will need to bail a ship seized for being unseaworthy. Imagine how much a business man would rather pay to avoid demurrage? Do you know what a day costs?

You see, there are only few civil service jobs that actually make money for the federation. Civil service job like teaching hardly has much “kpaje”. I remember when an Okpe man who was once a comptroller was posted to the customs school, the children, one of whom I was dating almost cried because all of the “dashes” and strange goods that we were enjoying (yes oh, unto boyfriend matter) came to an end. And yes, the Okpe-Urhobo man will be posted to classroom so a Northerner can be Comptroller.

I ask you right now “how many poor men’s children from the south do you know work as senior staff in NIMASA?”

You see, this minsitry has people like Obanikoro’s daughter and if you see Itsekiri person, he is either an Emiko (royal family), an Obi or very connected family to get their children there in NIMASA. FIND OUT. For the few poor man’s sons you see there, Chinua Achebe will describe them as “those the gods helped to break their palm kernel”

Few southerners are aware of such agencies and ministries. The Hausa-Fulani youth has this as birthright as well as the children of high up southerners.


He opened the immigration recruitment TO ALL AND SUNDRY, RICH AND POOR, but the poor in Nigeria seems cursed as that STAMPEDE took place and ruined THE FIRST FAIR IMMIGRATION INTERVIEW IN THE NATION’S HISTORY. Before now, was such interviews not like “Ogboni” affair? You see the advert perhaps after the interview. But we had an administration open it to all…to sad consequences.

And even when it was then redone and everyone taen swear they paid zero naira to nobody, and instead sat for the exams and were atken and trained, THE FULANI OLIGARCH BUHARI HAS STOPPED THEIR EMPLOYMENT.

Now guess who will fill immigration till another 30 years? NORTHERNERS. From ALagbon to every immigration office in the land, the language spoken will be Hausa.

Note that GEJ and the immigration exercise was fair in the admissions. BUT NOW WE SHALL HAVE 97 PERCENTERS AND 5 PERCENTERS CLEARLY DIFFERENTIATED and employed by that percentage AS IT HAS BEEN THROUGH TIME

Now even if the employment was tilted towards the South, NEVER HAS AN ADMINISTRATION SO FLAGRANTLY REMOVED THOSE EMPLOYED BY A PREVIOUS ADMINISTRATION. They simply wait for the next employment and put their people. But not BUHARI. Those from Daura must be brought from retirement to head customs and begin the purge of southerners so as to “reward those who have been with him since ANPP and CPC,” of course without the Igbos and others who were in ANPP and CPC with him like Onuh. They must be Northerners that must be rewarded.

Yes, by MERIT (hehehehehe) the Northerners will fill it all yet again.

So all the Itsekiris and Ijaws who voted Buhari, hehehehehe, all those your people, your tribesman employed, THEY ARE OUT OR ON THEIR WAY OUT. hahhahahahahaha. At least those who voted GEJ can say “I tried to stop it” while those who voted Buhari from the south can look in their conscience and know THEY SACKED THEIR OWN KINSMEN FOR NORTHERNERS.

For Nnamdi and Bayo and Onome and Amaju they must begin to apply for Visa to Europe. SO SMILE FOR AHMED AS HE TAKES YOUR PASSPORT PHOTOGRAPH. The official price of passport is about 4 thousand. Yeah dole out 20 thousand to Musa.

THAT IS THE CHANGE…hange to a status quo GEJ was struggling to break


Ena Ofugara