President Buhari Should Focus On How To Grow The Economy – Joe Emeson

President Buhari Should Focus on how to grow the economy

This is the point, at any time and by whosoever that perpetrated it , corruption is ugly and kills the nation. By now we have gotten that message. It’s no longer news. The President should as a matter of urgency have a laser focus on how to grow the economy and leave probing of past misdeeds to the law enforcement agencies constitutionally assigned to do this very important job.

It will be helpful if the government can fish out the quantum of money stolen by previous administrations, government officials and private sector thieves, especially in the oil sector and all other sectors of the economy and return it to government coffer.

However, what is happening now is a seeming focus on corruption probing while the economy remains in comatose without direction. This does not show somebody in the presidency has adequate knowledge of how the economy works.

It will be hard to see any serious investor looking at Nigeria as very viable destination for a long term business prospect. I have not seen the economic team put together by President Buhari. If he had one it must be a nebulous kitchen group unknown to Nigerians.

In a democracy that brought Buhari to power, people have a right to know and question.

While the president may be well meaning, however, the way and manner he is going about micro managing the Nigerian economy as if it’s a personal or family business is in bad taste and capable of causing a long term grave damage to the enterprise we call Nigeria. There is a surplus economic management knowledge and reservoir in Nigeria which he can draw from. Why is he not using it to the maximum?

By the way, it’s not every criticism that is meant to malign or put the president down; many are to make him know that we all are in this journey together and we can’t sit back while he somersaults the ship that we are in. Nigerian economy is not so bad that it can’t be redeemed and very quickly too. It depends on the management of it.

Let me paraphrase Shakespeare, “Dear Brutus, the fault is not in our stars that we are weaklings but in us”


Joe Emeson, Chairman and CEO of JMK Consulting