Snail Meat Hard To Come By – Chijioke Ngobili

Snail Meat is hard to come by

There is enough meat anytime out there–goat, cow, pig, even antelope. But you, Oh God, has, in your Wisdom, made Snail Meat hard to come buy.

We see snails daily but can’t have enough of them as there aren’t many people who are ready to go through the tedious process of hunting enough of them and breaking them and preparing them.

No wonder the Snail Meat enriches most than other meat and is never with any trace of cholesterol. No wonder some can identify it with some human body parts. Yes. That’s why it’s that precious.

Chukwu (God), grant that my snails will never finish even as I eat them. And grant that I may never lose appetite to eat Snail even if I lose appetite for other edibles. “Isee!”


Chijioke Ngobili