The Shame Of The Buhari Saintly Image Hawkers – Anthony Ogbo

Redundant and dazed about a confused regime, APC’s media rumor hawkers had informed the masses how President Buhari rejected a truck-load of ram presented to him as Sallah gift by a prominent elder statesman in Katsina state.
Buhari-APC Official Yahoo Media Center
For an administration still touting its toughness on crime, why wouldn’t they reveal the name of this “prominent elder statesman”? Or rebuke him for trying to “bribe” the President with Sallah gifts?
For a truckload of ram apparently hauled to the President, somebody could have at least taken photos – or was this gift an animated social network tag?
Please when would President Buhari and his folks get to work and quit the yahoo image-making campaign disgrace?
We already know that President Buhari is a Saint, but how does that fix an unreasonable economic rules swiftly sending the country into recession?
Anthony Ogbo