Are We Really Independent? – Azu Emmanuel

Are We Really Independent?

Now that the Euphoria that comes with the “Independence day” has come and gone, I (Azu Ume Emmanuel) would love to whisper into your hearts a question that has for long bothered me. “Are we really independent?”.

History has it that on the 1st of October 1960, we were allowed an eternal opportunity to be architects and pilots of our own fortune/
misfortune, but after that, then what?

President Goodluck Jonathan Celebrates Nigeria At 54 Years
President Goodluck Jonathan Celebrates Nigeria At 54 Years

The days of our colonial masters were horrible. They treated us as though we were insane, but now that our own brothers are Lords over us, they’ve deemed it fit to make us insane. The unpaid salaries, the “unpayable” pensions all these and many more have come with our liberty from the colonial masters. Are we really independent?

The oil resources of our country is enough to change lives of all and sundry but what happened? Our “Independent” brothers deemed it fit once more to change their own lives first. We were fed and filled with Ignorance during the days of our colonial masters; then, we were bound with chains and fetters and still worked happily for the “strong strangers” for not only were we content to be slaves but we also misunderstood the chains to be Bracelets, adorning the unmarked tombs of our  loved ones with it.

Now,we are free from the enslavement of our masters but still refused to unlock ourselves, preferring rather to “keep ourselves bound by ourselves”, thousands of times we keeping falling back to the “Am-still-bound” mentality that comes with slavery. The colourful symbol (Green-White-Green) of our great country now seems like a spirogyra-infested white board. Often times, we’ve been made to look for greener pastures in countries that has never known Green, never felt Green, and never been Green!

We’ve become free from our colonial masters, but now that we’ve become our own colonial masters. I ask once more; Are we really
Independent? Until I see a difference, I still will keep asking: “Are we really Independent?”.