Britain May Be Meddling In Third World Ethnic Cleansing On Purported Diezani Arrest


According to this BBC feature, a recently created corruption unit may have arrested Diezani. Was this unit created to hound opponents of Buhari? Is it an attempt to shore up the waning image of a puppet installed in Nigeria by Barack and David?

Can the person who signed this arrest order claim ignorance of the mucky political intrigues emanating from Nigeria’s last elections?

In third world politics, individuals can represent so much. In Nigerian politics, Buhari represents a god to the fanatical Muslim youths in Northern Nigeria and some elements in the south. Was it not a political decision to ignore Buhari’s violation of UK laws by ordering the kidnap of Dikko and also messing about with Cambridge school certificate exams. Under normal application of UK laws, should such a person be allowed entry into the UK?

Diezani equally represents an emotional political entity in Nigeria. For over 50 years of oil ministers, Britain has never meddled in Nigeria’s ethnic corruption controversies. Why now? Wouldn’t it have been politically wiser to steer of Nigeria’s messy corruption affairs?


By Igwe Emenike