Buhari Has Succeeded In Making A Legend Out Of Nnamdi Kanu – Radio Biafra

According to Radio Biafra, "NIGERIA IS NOT HOLDING Nnamdi; RATHER Nnamdi Kanu IS HOLDING NIGERIA AT THE JUGULAR BONE.Detain him, Free him, Charge him, Jail him or Even kill him, Buhari Has Succeeded in making a LEGEND out of Nnamdi Kanu". READ FULL ARTICLE BELOW

Any one who has listened to Nnamdi Kanu ought to have known that he has made up his mind to get Biafra or die trying. He had relegated death to the background. That is the only explanation for his daring posture.

Nnamdi did not appear all of sudden like many Nigerians believe. He and Uwazurike had worked together. They had once floated radio Biafra in 2009. However they fell out along the line, over modus operandi and criminal minded of Ralph Uwazurike.

In 2013, Nnamdi began broadcasting again on his own. However, he had strategized on how to sustain it. The first stage was the world tour where he was holding meetings with Biafrans in diaspora. Two things were important to him.
1. Identification with the struggle without fear.
2. Funding.

Many of the people are actually in support of Biafra. So Nnamdi got the support he needed. Then he built a media audience. He used the social media to garner audience, and before you know it, his voice began to attract thousands of listeners. Initially, it was just an online streaming. Today, it has grown to FM, AM, satellite, TV and various numerous platforms on the net.


Nnamdi and his crew had made overtious to Jonathan over Biafra, but Jonathan rebuffed and ignored him.
Then he turned against Jonathan. Unknown to many, Radio Biafra campaigned against Jonathan and advised Biafrans to stay away from voting. They preferred Buhari regime because unlike Jonathan, Buhari will not ignore them and will be in a haste to draw blood. This has happened already.

Jonathan’s ignoring of Nnamdi, paid off for Jonathan in two ways:

1. Nobody can blame him for the Biafra uprising
2. He did not make himself an enemy of Biafra.


It seemed Buhari was so much in haste to deal with the Biafra question “once and for all”. His think tank went headlong on the issue of “jamming of radio Biafra”. They goofed.

After Nnamdi Kanu had garnered support all over the world, the next step is to make himself wound in the conscience of the international community.

He had announced on radio Biafra that something was going to happen before the end of October. Before now, he has been coming to Nigeria without making noise about it. But this time around, he announced his coming to Nigeria on air. He even announced the date he was to arrive. Unknown to Nigeria, he was setting a bait which took over 4 months to fine-tuned.

Nigeria could not see the bait and went headlong to swallow the live snake. They have arrested him and now, the stage has been set to make Biafran known all over the world.


Detain him,free him, charge him, jail him or even kill him, Buhari has succeeded in making a legend out of Nnamdi Kanu.

What he could not achieve for full two years under Jonathan, he has achieved that in just four months of Buhari regime. There has been protests all over the world since his arrest. There was one at the UN HQ and also a 1 MILLION MAN DEMONSTRATIONS planed in few days time in Biafraland which will without doubt cripple activities in the South East and draw the attention of world media to Nigeria and Biafran struggle.

Only the uniformed will take this Biafra agitation for granted. Those in Nigeria might think that all the demonstrations around the world by the IPOB has no impacts, but the eyes of the international community are on Nigeria and her government on the issue of the detained Biafra agitators, especially the leader of IPOB Nnamdi Kanu.

Yet, just imagine that the leader of the Scottish secessionist movement is arrested by Britain, And the Scots in Nigeria went to protest at the British embassy, and at the UN and all over the world. The British government will be painted as evil.

That is exactly what Nnmadi has done to Nigeria. Nigeria and Buhari now has the image of evil.

This irony, there is a twist in this tale. Nigeria is not holding Nnamdi: Rather Nnamdi is holding Nigeria at the jugular bone.

This is just the beginning.


Culled from Radio Biafra