Buhari Mortgaged Nigeria’s Judiciary To Ensure He Nullifies Elections In Two Key Oil Rich States? – Samuel Ebeku


In the days preceding the election I warned that Buhari’s quest for leadership at the helms does not emanate from his genuine interest to better the lives of Nigerians but was premised on the twin agenda of the extension of his known sectionalism and the control of oil of south south as well as the redistribution of oil blocs of 2016, most myopic and gullible Nigerians always shout me down that Buhari is the known messiah to come.

Today, events have vindicated me. One wonders and keep wondering why Buhari has to mortgage our judiciary to make sure he nullifies the election in 2 key oil rich states of south south viz: Rivers and Akwa Ibom States if not for his interest to control these oil rich states through a stooge they will eventually install by manipulating the results of the election.

Let me use this medium to draw your attention to the magnitude of evil buhari’s administration had to employ to achieve their illicit ambition.

In the first instance one is at lost why an election tribunal that was supposed to hold in Rivers State was taken to Abuja. To make sure he achieved his inordinate ambition, Buhari has to hurriedly at the 11th hour change the tribunal judge and install Aisha junior sister’s husband who is simply a co in-law to Buhari. It was also rumoured that millions of Naira changed hands in the process.

The worst which political pundits considered both hypocritical and a rape of our judiciary was that the reason which Lagos state election was upheld was the same reason the Rivers state gubernatorial election was nullified. In the case of Lagos the presiding judge ruled that malfunction of card reader was not enough reason to cancel an election while Buhari’s co in law found the same reason expedient to nullify Rivers state election. Desperado exhibited in an unprecedented proportion.

In face of this naked abuse of our judiciary one wonders the integrity in the so call ‘Mr. Integrity’. I want to assure Buhari that both Akwa Ibom and Rivers State are PDP states and no matter how hard he tries APC can never win any genuinely conducted election in both states and any attempt to short change the electoral will of the masses will result into anarchy.

Buhari has virtually failed in every facet of leadership including his electoral promises to Nigerians and at a time Nigerians are finding a place in their heart to live with the ugly phenomenon fate laid on them with his lopsided leadership, the worst Buhari could do is to add salt to an already burning injury. A word is enough for the wise.


Samuel Ebeku