Edwin Clerk Wrong To Say That Jonathan Lacked Will To Fight Corruption – Ken Agala


Pa Edwin Clark is right to leave the PDP and partisan politics just like Alhaji Bamanga Tukur. For God to keep you above eighty years ,it’s safer to stay clear from certain relationships that might affect your candor.

Partisan politics has a way of making you think the way the party wants you to think. For example you will stand with Saraki and Diezani if you are in the PDP while standing with Amaechi and Prince Audu if you are APC. So it’s difficult to be completely honest when you are politically aligned.

But I don’t agree with Pa Clerk that Jonathan lacked the will to fight corruption . Fighting corruption shouldn’t be a politicians job. Yes, every President is a politician.

It’s too risky to trust politicians to fight corruption. Corruption fighting should’ve been in the hands of the institutions so that politicians are subjected to these institutions.

A politician will only fight his political opponents and close his eyes to his friends. The best strategy remains to appoint a very independent minded Nigerian as anti corruption chair and also amend the laws so he doesn’t have to jump when the President barks . This appointment can be made by the Nigerian Judicial Council or a panel of judges and his tenure should be fixed and can’t be terminated by a politician .

The mere fact that a President comes in and begins to change all heads of government institutions is the major reason why our institutions are so weak and they all work according to the body language of the President .

Yesterday Stella Oduah couldn’t be arrested by the EFCC because the agency chairman might think it will place him on collision cause with the President , so the President doesn’t need to even send any body language before the message is gotten .

On the other hand , the recent nomination of Rotimi Amaechi as a minister is not even body language but a clear body message to the anti corruption agencies to take their job elsewhere . How dare you act on a petition against the Presidents nominee when you are struggling to keep your job as EFCC chair?

As tough as Ribadu was, he still needed President Obasanjo’s body message for whom to go after. He dared not go after folks like Andy Ubah no matter the allegation.

So Pa Clerk was totally wrong , we shouldn’t trust fighting corruption in the hands of politicians. We will only achieve hounding a few while closing your eyes when it concerns your main men.


Ken Agala