Hypocrisy Of Some Nigerians Make Them Very Stupid – Chinomso Awazie

Amaechi At Ministerial Screening Conducted by the Senate
Nigerians, I mean a section of them are very stupid! Shamelessly so!

Amaechi was a former PDP governor, who was alleged to be corrupt by APC leaders and members. Once he decamped to APC, automatically, “He is not corrupt.”

Couple of hundreds of millions of dollars were “MISTAKENLY” wired by Amaechi to American bank accounts belonging to him, while he was a governor. “He is not corrupt.”

“Amaechi built and commissioned a Monorail that has carried him, Buhari and Judith from Port Harcourt to panya?”  Not really. “He is not corrupt.”

“Amaechi declared he used Rivers State money to fund 80% of Buhari’s presidential ambition”, once again, “He is not corrupt.”

Amaechi Exiting Venue of Ministerial Screening



Then Amaechi actually said quote “I have never taken bribes” at his senate confirmation screening! “Diaris God ooooo!”, former First Lady would exclaim.

He (Amaechi) is now being celebrated by people who claimed that they hate corruption.

Hahahahaha! See more reasons why I am in support of a disintegration of this country? Let each people go their way and practice whatever disposition they wish towards corruption. In a smaller enclave like Biafra dying to prove a point to the world, do you think they would condone scarce resources being stolen?

Yes resources will be scarce because when you look at what you want to achieve and what you have to achieve it, the Japanese model will become so appealing. And if you steal the money in that setting, where you wan go hide am? Who want to protect you? Who want to follow you fight and say you stole something that belongs to you and him? You will be snitched on before letter ‘h’ in ‘ha’ is out of your mouth!

Are the reasons for all the Saraki’s and intimidation not clear now? Didn’t you say that corruption is our grand CONmaster was fighting and wants to fight? Is it not clear now what the issue was? But I respect him nonetheless; going all this length to protect his special parrot. At least he showed he can still talk, as unto ‘glittering Amazon’ things, everyone did the needful before he exposes all things that needed to be exposed!

Hahahahaha! You know how prostitutes collect hush money from scam victims? It looks like it is something that just happened in this case!

But one thing is sure, the Senate President, Saraki has lost my support due to the way he failed to give Nigerians a credible ministerial screening exercise. We expected something different, not these ‘I never signed checks’ – by Fashola. “I never took bribe” – by Amaechi. And ‘take a bow’ show of shame. He should also know his back is wide open now!


Chinomso Awazie