“Nigeria – Angry President, Miserable Nation” – Anthony Ogbo

Nigeria Angry President Miserable Nation

The former dictator was bitter about several issues which he had vowed to address revengefully if he ever delved into the corridors of power, and surprisingly, he got that opportunity. There is absolutely nothing wrong with fighting corruption in a country where dishonesty in the system is overwhelming, but hiding behind a so called war against indiscipline to profile individuals in the most tyrannical approach is reprehensible.

For instance, President Buhari received valid documents and complete information about how the former governor of Rivers State, Chibuike Rotimi Amaechi who headed his campaign stole more than 70 billion Naira to finance his presidential race. Yet Amaechi, together with other fraudulent politicians, not only made it to President Buhari’s ministerial list, but also have been trotting the world with him in some pricey trips that have yielded nothing but more terrorist attacks, fiscal misery, and global humiliation.

To make it worse, Nigerians, even as their country creeps into depression and anarchy, are busy jubilating over Buhari’s vindictive temperament – tyrannizing former public servants he had vowed to destroy so as to settle past scores.

Nigeria must at this time realize that their president is angry and needs their prayers. Cheering a dictator clueless about issues of governance, but who is uncontrollably on rampage, flunking every rule of the democratic process would be self-destructive. They ought to have seen this movie before when Buhari ruled as a dictator – and at some point, those Nigerians intoxicated by the regimes aimless “CHANGE” song; those folks who are now celebrating repression and hailing their dictator as he brutalizes others would soon become major victims of this same policy they are endorsing.

Sooner or later, Nigerians would once more realize that jailing political foes in pretext of fighting corruption neither create jobs, nor grow the economy. They would disappointedly realize that cruelty to issues of governance does not stop terrorism, and cannot create any apparatus for unity – rather, it would rip this country further apart.


Anthony Ogbo, is a writer and publisher


Source: http://www.guardiannewsusa.com/nigeria—angry-president–miserable-nation.html