The Attacks On Igbo Investments In Lagos Are Motivated By Tribal Hatred – Igwe Emenike

I (Igwe Emenike) wrote this article in 2008 and it was published in Lagos based Sun newspaper. Just stumbled upon it and thought I could comment on it.

Tejuosho Market was gutted then by a dubious fire. I suspected it was a conspiracy to rob the Igbo stall holders of their shops. I quickly authored this preventive article and sent three copies to three different media houses.

None of them published it. I had to personally call late Dimgba Igwe (former editor of Sun Newspaper). Even though I delivered the Sun copy to the reception myself but it was prevented from reaching his desk. He asked for a fresh copy. He published it. By then three weeks had elapsed.

As I suspected Fashola demolished Tejuosho and robbed the traders which anyway included all other tribes but his target was the Igbo majority. He went ahead to treacherously destroy struggling businesses at Oshodi Market. The corrupt newspaper editors in Lagos never raised a voice in defence of these oppressed Nigerians.

I understand Ladipo Market has come under attack by another set of tribal fanatics. To some people tribal fanaticism is exhibition of intelligence. I disagree. Tribal fanaticism is unthoughtful.

As I always like to clarify, I’m not launching a tribal attack. Fashola or whosoever did not consult their tribes for their actions. I blame individuals not tribes.

The attacks on Igbo investments in Lagos are motivated by tribal hatred. The perpetrators do not represent their whole tribe but a section that think like them. The offending public officials are usually unenlightened, unexposed and stupid.

I fight because I extremely detest injustice. I will fight for anyone despite his race.


By Igwe Emenike