The Difference Between Persecution And Prosecution – Paul Achalla


Persecution goes propaganda whilst prosecution respects individual privacy rights and the law. Prosecution has code but persecution doesn’t . They are all out to blackmail individuals for cheap political gain.

On a sad note I gather the impression that the All Progressive Congress (APC) are all out to blackmail Nigerians to submission. In respect of Former Minister Mrs Madueke, APC paid media have been involved in an act capable of perverting the cause of Justice. Initially we heard “$13 billion dollars recovered.” We were told that she was charged and granted bail, etc.

Sadly, today we are hearing application to detain £27,000.00 under Proceeds of Crime Act (POCA) at Westminister Magistrates’ Court . If the latter is correct, I will say it is not strange and also it is an indication that APC and her media are not credible in any shape or form.

POCA is not even criminal proceedings but a civil matter at criminal court. She has right to apply to vacate the said order under the same Act on receipt of notice. She may opt not to appear at the first hearing of the application to save cost. Her strategy may be to devote her time in gathering evidence of the source of the said cash and its intended use in the United Kingdom.

In respect other matters , if and only if she was arrested and granted bail as reported, it suggest insufficient evidence to charge or there is need for further investigation or that her case has been referred to the Crown prosecution Service for advice and the advice is not expected within Police station custody time limit.

Either way the case against her is not strong as they would want us to accept. My reason is simple, foreign national status in the UK have always been a good grounds to oppose bail in the UK. Further the said huge resources acquired whilst in public office is another weighing against bail grant. Custody Sergent or a judge will take her means, strength of ties, evidence against her etc into account whilst granting bail. No officer or Judge will run such a risk if there is sufficient evidence before him or her and custody is imminent.

UK National Crime Agency

If the officers of UK’s National Crime Agency (NCA) discovered such a damming and reliable evidence at the time of the said arrest I doubt they will consider bail grant or not to charge her straight away. Indeed at Police station interview disclosures would have been made to her through her solicitors. So releasing such a “big fish” facing “serious allegation” makes no sense as “$13 billion” can make magic in her case. $13 billion is enough to wage a war against a soverign state including UK.

Buhari APC led Govt are defrauding Nigerians with ‪#‎Anti‬ corruption rants.


Paul Achalla, writes from London, UK.