What The Walkout By PDP Senators Means For Buhari And The APC – Onwuasoanya Jones

PDP Walkout During Amaechi's Senate Confirmation Over Corruption Allegation
Onwuasoanya Fcc Jones reports on the recent walkout by the PDP Senators over the Amaechi's senate confirmation as follows:

Senators elected under the platform of the opposition Peoples Democratic Party walked out of the Senate chambers in protest against the confirmation of some nominees against whom petitions have been written. These petitions borders on issues that have to do with corruption, insubordination, indictment by government White Paper, stealing, impunity and sundry issues.

While the APC who have the majority in the Senatehad their way by going ahead to confirm all 18 nominees, whose nominations were pending, the PDP have made a strong statement through its Senators and these statements are:

  1. The PDP as a Party detests corruption and impunity.
  2. The nominees confirmed in the absence of these Senators have a big question mark on their confirmation and it may not be wrong to address them as “APC MINISTERS OF CORRUPTION” instead of the more acceptable Ministers of the Federal Republic of Nigeria.
  3. Due Process and legality were turned on their heads to ensure that certain individuals were confirmed as Ministers.
  4. That President Buhari’s anti-corruption proclamations are mere noise without meaning.
  5. That there are more corrupt politicians within the APC camp than there are in the PDP camp, hence, the APC condone corruption and accommodate the corrupt, as long as they use their loot to sponsor APC candidates and programs.
  6. The fight against corruption is vindictive and targeted at certain individuals perceived to be in opposition to the ruling Party.
  7. This forewarns of a dangerous future for Nigeria, if nothing is urgently done to nip our country’s descent into a lawless and barbaric society, where a group of criminals are rewarded with plum positions in government while the other group is lumped into jail for stealing less and giving more to the people.


 Onwuasoanya Fcc Jones