Aba (Enyimba City) Protests For Biafra And Unconditional Release of Nnamdi Kanu

"Aba is completely locked down. No nothing is happening here. I mean nothing at all, Schools, Banks, Filling Stations etc., were locked down." Daniel Emeka Dike.

According to eyewitness Daniel Emeka Dike’s report, “no protester is carrying any arms, just bottled water and flags. The protests have been peaceful and the organizers are commended for job well done. Their organizers even made sure that the flag of Nigeria hoisted anywhere were not brought down at all. These guys are good. I wish others will start agitating for true federalism and regional autonomy.”

“I saw men that were protecting the Hausa communities in Aba, while the protest was going on and these men, were part of the protest too. It could only happen in a sane environment by sane people. I doff my hat for this movement today”, Daniel Emeka Kalu concluded.